Update: After testing the waters out there myself at the end of Tuesday we’re going to re-groom Livermore and Upper Snows on Wednesday morning to smooth out some leftover lumps from wet day traffic.

The groom from Tuesday should hold up exceptionally well into Wednesday. Just a couple trails will be ungroomed and we may do a short day groom to finish them off. Overall we survived the rains in excellent shape for fun and fast skiing.

Looking to the weekend, remember that there are several options for accessing the North End. Starting from a different point can help you see the trails in a whole new light! 1) Depot Camp/Livermore Parking Lot 2) Snows Mtn Parking Lot and walking to Connector 3) Parking in Lot 7 or 8 at the downhill area and skiing down Pipeline (just make sure you save some energy for the climb back up) 4) Utilize the shuttle bus from Town Square

Upcoming Events:

Dec 22: Kris Freeman Skate Clinic

Dec 28: Swix, Salomon, Atomic Demo Day

Dec 28: Passholder Party

Jan 5 Fischer Demo Day

Check the events page for more details!

Enjoy it out there!