A whole new year

Morning Update: The Livermore side of the North End is now groomed via snowmobile. We picked up 4-5 inches of wet snow. No classic track set today.

We’re kicking off the New Year right with some fresh snow expected overnight. The conservative estimate has us at 1-3” but the more exciting forecasts looks like 5-8”. I think you know which one I’d prefer.

With that we’ll be making some last minute decisions on which machinery to use based on the amount and how much wet precipitation follows. Expect something groomed on the North End in the morning either way. At the moment it looks like we may be snowmobile grooming given the warm temps.

If we do get a larger amount of snow then some of the South End should quickly be back in action. Continue to use caution in the tunnels until we’re able to shovel some of the fresh snow into them.

Let it snow!