Saturday night we’ll let the trails freeze back up and then groom them out Sunday morning in the North End for another great ski day.

Coverage in the North End continues to be spectacular so don’t worry about skiing on your race skis this weekend. Swing by the shop to try some high performance rentals or get a fresh layer of wax on your gear. Skis deserve some love too.

The South End will be a little bumpy and slick for Sunday so we’ll be allowing some fat bike access to help keep Livermore in better shape for the day.

Just a reminder that our official dog trails in the North End are Deep Woods, Greeley Path, Connector, and Livemore from Jnct 64 to 46. As much as we love your furry friends it’s dangerous for skiers and pets on our steeper terrain and not everyone is a dog person as sad as that is.

Ski well,