Holy snow

Well that was a heck of a storm. We received 12-14” of big heavy beautiful snowflakes. The only downside is the warm temps and wet snow didn’t allow us to groom. We were able to run around and pack it down, so for Tuesday morning we’ll be sled grooming (helping to avoid excessive compaction). That should allow us to get the snow set up for a great weekend of skiing. The next few days look progressively colder at night which should mean fast and fun skiing coming at ya.

Just a reminder to all my dog walkers (bare boots) out there that this is the time of year you should be finding other trails to meander on. Compacting our trails creates dangerous ski conditions and makes my job 1,000% harder. My staff works tirelessly to give every visitor and passholder the best day of skiing we can, and we need your help. So strap on your snowshoes and stick to our dog friendly trails (Deep Woods, Greeley Path, Connector, Golf Course, Village Trail) or other hiking trails. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Fat bikers you aren’t off the hook either. If we want fat biking to be a part of winter ops we have to make it can coexist with skiing. That means if you’re leaving a rut deeper than 1 inch, it’s time to turn around and wait for better conditions.

See you on the snow!