November Madness

We’ve picked up 3-5 inches in the Valley and with a little frozen crust already padding it underneath we have enough depth to start working on the trails. Tripoli Road is being packed in and will be open and ungroomed. We’ll move over to Livermore Road shortly and see how the depth is. With no established base please ski with caution and use common sense. Expect to strike ground with your pole plants and watch for any areas of thin cover. If the snow sets up nicely then we’ll try to run the snowmobile groomer over it later today or early tomorrow morning. This is an exciting and early start to the season!

We’ll be having a staff orientation tomorrow morning (Saturday) in the Adventure Center, but you can still stop by to grab seasons pass or an early season $10 trail pass.

Remember that early season skiing means classic skiing! Skaters hang on a little longer. Skating early season can do more harm than good and make a royal mess out there.

See you soon,