Wednesday Updates: good news

It's mostly good news today as the trails seem to have held up quite well from yesterday's rain. There's even a dusting of snow falling as we speak. The groomer just got started and will be headed up Livermore to Upper Snows after checking Deep Woods and Greeley Path to see what's ready for a first pass. Please use caution getting from the car to the trails as the parking lot is definitely slippery! Waiting until this afternoon to head out is definitely not a bad plan as that will give the snow more time to set up after the groom. Livermore and Upper Snows will have just one pass until the South End groom is finished and we head back to the North End. 

We will also be grooming in the South End today to prepare for the high-school race we're hosting at 3 p.m. The best plan for most folks today would be to avoid the South End to help let the groom set up and allow us to provide a good race course for the kiddos. 

We're going to hold off on grooming the Tripoli side as long as possible to let it dry out completely. Grooming the snow while it's still a little wet can have some negative consequences once it freezes back up. 

Expect tomorrow to be a decent day of skiing with at least one groom on most trails. 

Swan's Way should be avoided today as it has a large wet spot that needs some time to freeze back up.