Wednesday news

Just a reminder my posts are typically pertaining to the following day's conditions, except for any mid-day updates that specify otherwise. 

The trails are still white as of this moment and should stay that way with most of the precipitation having already come down. Prior to the rain we did pick up about a 1/2 inch of sleet/freezing rain accumulation so once the trails freeze back up that should groom out pretty well. Wednesday morning we will take a look at trail conditions and let things dry out as long as possible before attempting a groom. If everything goes according to plan there should be some groomed terrain on the North End by around noon. The longer we wait and less we do the more likely the trails are to recover without incident. Check back here or call for the most up to date conditions tomorrow.

We are hosting a high-school race Wednesday at 3 p.m. with the tentative location being the South End. If need be we will be moving the race to the North End so check back tomorrow for an update before you head out. There will be about 100 skiers competing so make your ski plans accordingly to avoid the race course in the late afternoon. 

Swan's way will likely be very wet tomorrow so please avoid that trail, even if the groomer goes that direction to access the South End.