Mid-week updates

We've been grooming the same snow for a while now, so we're going to give a few trails a rest from cat grooming this week to help preserve the depth. The main corridors in the North End will continue to be groomed by cat with a few side trails getting a skate lane touch up via snowmobile. Livermore, Tripoli, Lower Osceola, Upper Snows, Swan's Way, and Pond Loop all have a fresh till from the cat and should be skiing great today. The remaining open trails will either be skiing on yesterday's groom or get a couple passes with the snowmobile this morning. With snow expected Thursday, expect a regular full groom for this weekend. 

I appreciate everyone's patience with the opening of additional trails. The big storms we got brought beautiful dry powder, which unfortunately does not compact easily and tends to lose a lot of depth in the process. The rain event a few weeks back also allowed water to continue to flow on the South End even during these frigid temps. Now that we've had a chance to get out and pack or groom just about every trail in the system, we should in perfect position for the next few snowfalls. Being cautious with how we work on trails early season helps us make sure we can provide the best skiing for the longest amount of time. 

Keep the fire roaring,