Coverage is great!

I just finished a couple laps in the South End and the skiing is phenomenal right now. Tomorrow we're going to be skiing the same groom on the Livermore side, but we'll get out and smooth out skate lanes with the snowmobile on the Tripoli side of the North End. The South End got a buzz mid-day today and we may touch it up a little tomorrow morning as well. The less work we do with the snow right now the more we'll get out of it with the temperatures rising a little this weekend. Our base is pretty spectacular with solid coverage on just about every open trail. There's a chance we may be able to reopen some closed trails by the weekend with the help of the new snow, but we'll know more after tomorrow.

Below is a shot from Livermore this morning, just to give everyone an idea of how gorgeous things are up here right now. 

Don't forget about the Fischer Demo on 1/19 @ 10 a.m. and the Nordic Kids program starting at 9 a.m. 

See you up here,