We lived to ski another day

Today the sunshine was out and the snow wasn't perfect, but skiing was surprisingly good. Tonight we'll be grooming everything we can and it should come out a little softer after a second till. There's still some debris out there so just watch for spots that might slow you down suddenly. 

We're going to attempt to come down Swan's with the Cat and open some South End terrain. Most of the outer trails in the South will likely remain closed for the time being.

Don't forget the Kris Freeman Skate Clinic is still on for tomorrow at 10 a.m. There are still spots left so come on out and ski with an Olympian. We'll be meeting at the Adventure Center and then deciding where to ski based on how the groom comes out. 

Below is a shot of my girlfriend Jamie enjoying some great glide on Livermore. Tomorrow should be another gorgeous day with some sunshine and slightly warmer temps.