Sunday Updates

Further Update: The main trails on the Livermore side have now been groomed, including Upper Snows. This side seems to have come through the rain a little better, but continue to use caution on all trails. 

Tripoli Road and Lower Osceola to Bob's Lookout are now groomed. Please use caution today as the groom is a bit bumpy and there are spots of thin cover and slickness on all trails. There are several areas with water running across or down the trail so use caution there. 

We will try grooming the first section of Livermore Road (parking lot to Jnct 46) and Greeley Path next. That will be the best bet for beginners today.

Please evaluate conditions carefully today as you make choices on where to ski. Any trail marked as closed on the conditions page can be expected to be extremely icy. 

Conditions should improve for Monday after another round of grooming. 

Be safe,