Better than expected

The trails are in remarkable shape considering we just had a day and a half of heavy rain. Most of the outer South End trails will be closed until we get some fresh snow, but the core trails held up nicely. The North End worked it's magic once again and survived with quite a bit of depth in most places. 

Early Sunday morning the Cat will be out working on core trails in the North. We'll start with Tripoli Road and part of Lower Osceola and then assess which additional trails are firm enough to be groomed. We will likely be grooming into the mid-morning so please make way for the groomer if you cross paths.

Swan's Way and the Golf Course are both closed so we won't be able to Cat groom in the South End until we get one or both of them open. We're going to try some snowmobile grooming in the South and should be able to make some impact on the surface after a few passes to try to reduce the slickness of the trails. 


-Kris Freeman Skate Clinic rescheduled from Sunday to Monday 1/15 @ 10 a.m. call to register