Good Morning!

It's looking like it's going to be a great day of spring skiing up here. Cool now (just below freezing) and temps are headed into the 40's by the mid-late afternoon, so ski early!

The North End was groomed last night and the South End groom is finishing up this morning--expect to the the Cat down here if you're out first thing. The quote from the groomer about the conditions this morning is that "most look like mid-Feb, some like mid-April." And that's the story. There are feet of snow on the bridges (and trails) with some sun exposed and wet areas that remind us we are officially weeks into spring.

The snowpack keep us skiing for who know how long-- long enough to plan on grooming next weekend. We may not have the Cat on the South End (maybe...), but expect much of the North End to be open and groomed!

If you just can't ski one more time this year, please do your skis a favor and put storage wax on them for the summer. We have wax left if you're a DIYer, and passholders have us put it on for $5. Those of you who aren't passholders should just get a pass and then get the wax special, otherwise we charge you extra ;)

While you're in the shop, pick up a jacket or pants for hiking, biking or skiing next year at end of season prices. We also restocked our roller skis and have two pairs of skate WoodSki roller skis at 30% This means you can get on these great performing dryland training tools for right around $202!

See you up here,


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