A little warm overnight

Good Morning,

It's dropped below freezing, we're let trails dry and will be out on them this through the morning, grooming up as many trails as we can. As I wrote yesterday, the plan is for a partial groom today and a full groom tomorrow (lower temps today and then actually a bit cold! overnight).

Today,  theCat will head down to the South End via Swans. Swans is still in good shape except for some brown on the powerline hill closer to the Pipeline jct. South End core trails will be groomed--more if time allows. Expect the North End trails to be done by mid-morning: Livermore to Upper Snows, and the Tripoli/Osceola side (Tripoli road it's self won't get groomed until tomorrow).

So, if you're headed out first thing, watch for follow the cordury. Ungroomed trails have actually been skiing pretty nicely, but use care not that we have some sub freezing temps. We have gotten close to an inch of snow, so enjoy.

In case you missed the announcement, we will be re-opening for the weekend of the 15th&16th! An extra week to the ski season, hurrah!

See you up here,