Closing Weekend April 15th & 16th


That's Right, an Extra weekend!

The last few days have actually had some great skiing. Definitely not always ideal (some crust-ice, slush, chunk, slow mush, rain and amazing moments of silky glide in between). But, there's enough snow out there that even with warm weather heading our way next week, we'll re-open like the alpine hill and groom for one more weekend!

We're getting some light precip today and we are again ungroomed, but as long as you're not expecting perfect corduroy, skiing is still fun and coverage good. The wind that came through will have us out cleaning up trails (throw a stick or two off the trail if you're in the mood).

It's still looking promising for a Cat groom tomorrow morning. We probably won't have time to do the whole system in the short window of freezing temps, but looks like between the two days (Sat & Sun) we should get most everything groomed for the final days of the season.

This weekend we'll be running a passholder storage wax special of $5 and now that we're staying open an extra weekend, we can extend this special.

I'll post this through the weekend too, but WoodSki RollerSkis are 30% off and we have two left in stock. This might be the last we see of WoodSki for a little while, so don't miss the chance to set yourself up for dryland training!

See you up here,


2017/18 Season Passes are on sale--buy your pass now and ski with it for the few days of the season (new passholders). And now another week++

Everything in the shop is 20-45% off (swix clothing & accessories are perfect for early season biking and hiking too). We still have one pair of Fischer RCS Plus Skate Skis 187's left (if you're a pilot binding user, this is the last year you can drill over the Fischer plate and mount a pilot binding--don't miss the chance if you're thinking about a great new ski!).

Fat bikes are on sale from $600-$950 too and they're a great way to get out during the shoulder seasons as well as next winter.

Lots of snow, he forgot to smile at the camera!   

Lots of snow, he forgot to smile at the camera!