Snowy, Snowy April 1st

Good Morning,

It's another snow-globe day. Absolutely beautiful. We have has so many perfect ski days this week and here's another one, fresh snow version.

I was out yesterday and had the best 15 minute classic ski of my life on one of my favorite pairs of classic skis yet--hope those of you with skin skis got out yesterday.

Today is a classic ski day. The Cat will be out through the bulk of the day, going between the South and North End. Our groomer will head down Swans Way, do some core South End trails and and then head back the North End via swans or Lower Snows--follow the fresh, soft corduroy, or check in with us at the Center to ask where he is!

Should be a lovely day with moderate winds and mild temps. We will continue to groom through the night and tomorrow morning, though it's looking like it will still be snowing, so expect a little snow on top of parts of groom for tomorrow as well.

See you up here!!


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