Good Morning!

Another beautiful one up here today, a cool start, but we'll warm up quick.

Today we have groomed both the North and South End core trails. All other trails are skiing on yesterday's groom. This means that until temps warm up and trails soften, things will be glazed. They'll likely all go quickly to soft--and all fun! When it warms up a bit, we'll take the snowmobile out to groom additional trails. Classic track on all trails is still set nicely.

If you're reading this early and get a chance, join us for the Nordic Skier Cross up at the mountain--we'll be over at Lower Meadow's. Come ski up Leroy's Loop and down through bumps, banked turns and jumps if you want them! Registration and course preview from 8:00-9:00 and timed laps start and 9:00. Details below.

We have about 2 weeks left of the season--if we have snow to groom, our closing day with be April 9th, get up here and ski!


Notes & Events:

3/26       2nd Annual Skier Cross. Ski up Leroy's Loop on the the alpine mountain and come down terrain (bumps, banked turns) on your xc skis--super fun!                                    Registration and course preview 8:00-9:00, All ages, Race starts 9:00 (divisions will be dependent on participants numbers). $5 for BKL and school team members, $10 for youth, $15 for adults.

2017/18 Season Passes are on sale--buy your pass now and ski with it for the last days of the season (new passholders).

All Clothing, skis and boots in the shop are 20-45% off. Come get some gear to get out with for the last 2 weeks of this season and next. We have one pair of Fischer RCS 187's left (if you're a pilot binding user, this is the last year you can drill over the Fischer plate and mount a pilot binding--don't miss the chance if you're thinking about a new ski!).

Fat bikes are on sale from $700-$950 too and they're a great way to get out during the shoulder seasons as well as next winter.