Looks like there's a chance of precipitation (not the kind we want) in the forecast for the next two days. Today it should be light, the heaviest may come tomorrow evening. My favorite part of today's forecast is that it should be MUCH COOLER. I got excited about that, but at 50 degrees is unfortunately still way too warm for the end of February.

The good news is that after this weekend, winter will be back. Once the trails freeze up and dry out, we can groom and get some good skiing again.

We were able to snowmobile groom the skate lanes yesterday, but with the even warmer temps last night and moisture heading our way, trails will be ungroomed until Sunday night/Monday morning.

So, what does that mean for skiers? The warm conditions leave the trails moderately smooth and snow has settled. In the morning they may still be pretty firm (though NOT FAST). Track is still skiable on most trails from the last cat groom a couple days ago--though has been scrubbed in some areas where skier traffic during warm conditions have mushed it around. There's still plenty of coverage and, unless it's pouring, a little early spring skiing is fun!

Fischer Ski Demo was cancelled due to conditions, but we have several models of skis in our own demo fleet. Come talk with us!

Hope to see you up here still!


Notes & Events:

Select Fischer, Atomic & Salomon skis are on sale from 25%-40% off. Ski new equipment for the rest of the season--or be ready for next winter. All skate boots are 25%-50%  off!

2/26       Polartec Fat Bike Championship & Fatty Fest (register online  http://fatbikenh.com/info/)   DATE CHANGE DUE TO WEATHER

3/5         Granite State Snowshoe Championships & Fest

3/11-12 Paintball Biathlon Family, youth & sprint courses

3/11       Ski & Snowshoe moonlight tour (filling up quick, make your reservation!)

3/26       2nd Annual Skier Cross, Leroy’s Loop on the mtn