So you’re saying there’s a chance

Depending on where you look you can find a forecast for anything from two to six inches. Let’s hope for the latter. We’ll be out early Sunday morning looking to see how much has come down in the North End. If we get decent accumulation, expect to see snowmobile packing and grooming on Tripoli Road and potentially Livermore Road by mid-morning. As trails begin to open I strongly encourage people to pick up their classic skis for the first few times out. It takes a while to firm up the snow and level out the surface, making skating a challenge.

If you decide to venture out onto the trails tomorrow (Saturday) for a stroll or ride before the snow, please use extreme caution. After the rain mid-week there are still quite a few sections of icy terrain. A light dusting of snow is masking a lot of the ice, making it even more treacherous. The pictures below are from today on Livermore Road.


See you soon,