Welcome to 2018

Happy New Year everyone. Unfortunately 2018 is starting off right where 2017 left off: frigid. A few trails will be skiing on yesterday's groom since the cold has kept traffic limited on most outer trails. The skiing will continue to be a little smoother on trails that have been open for a while and touch bumpy on newly opened trails in the South End especially until we get a little more snow. The forecast for this week looks promising for a little fresh powder. 

Don't forget about our great events coming up. Please call ahead of time to register for the Women's Clinic (1/13) and the Kris Freeman skate clinic (1/14). See the events calendar for details.

Our Nordic Kids program will be starting up this weekend, so give us a call this week if you're planning to bring your little ones. Keep an eye on the weather though, if the cold temps continue we may have to postpone until the following week. 

I want to let everyone know about an awesome program that is being offered for season passholders. For the 2017-18 season the following Nordic Centers have agreed to offer 50% off the day rate, all season long, with no blackouts. And don't forget the same goes for any of your friends that want to come for a ski here with us :

Great Glen
Mount Washington Valley Ski Touring
Jackson Ski Touring
King Pine
Bretton Woods