Colder yet

Tomorrow will be frigid, but luckily it's easy to stay warm on cross-country skis. So pack a thermos of tea or cocoa and cover up as much skin as possible. We'll keep the fire roaring all day to make sure you can do a lap and then come in to defrost. 

Apologies for anyone who attempted to ski Cascade Brook today only to find a rope across it. There was a miscommunication and it was not quite ready to open up. We will be trying it again shortly with the cold temperatures helping to slow down any running water. Hopefully it will open to Jnct 29 (the deer yard) soon. 

For Wednesday, the whole system will get a groom and things should firm up nicely. Do watch for the wind drifts that might form across the trail. The wind blown snow tends to be slow and can pose a challenge when moving at speed.




Ice arena adjacent.jpg