Weekend Outlook

It's going to be a great weekend of skiing! All North End trails will have at least single track for Saturday, with the exception of Moose Run, Wicked Easy, and Upper Osceola. Tripoli and Livermore have double track. The skate lane might still be soft in a few places but things are firming up nicely. 

We're going to load the tunnel on Village Trail tomorrow morning and Swan's Way and Inner Mad River will be open with a thin cover caution. The Golf Course is also an option for getting from the South End to the Connector. This year the best way to access the Golf Course is to ski out through the teaching area and walk down the sidewalk before crossing where the groomer has punched through. 

South End trails are in pretty good shape with some single track sprinkled in. Part of Pond Loop will be closed due to lack of snow in the Athletic Center adjacent tunnel. You can still access Snows Brook and Lower Figure Three by skiing Pond Loop clockwise from Town Square.

We have a great selection of classic and skate gear available for sale. Stop by and demo something before you take it home for Christmas. 

Limited lessons will be also available on Saturday.