It's a snow day!

Heavy snow is now falling in the valley. We already picked up over an inch with steady accumulation expected throughout the day. The snowmobiles will be out in the next few hours to start packing things down and stay out through most of the day. Expect a few trails to be open and ungroomed once we're able to get out and make sure there's enough cover to be safe. Tomorrow there should be nice corduroy on several North End trails. Again, hold off as long as you can on the skate skis (double poling excluded) with the soft early season conditions. 

We now have an awesome new snow reporting page for Nordic trails so jump over to the conditions page and take a look. The digital map is a handy tool for checking on your favorite trail to see if it's ready. There are still some minor tweaks to be made so don't panic if you don't see the statistic you're looking for. But please feel free to reach out with any feedback on how we can make our conditions reporting work better for you. 

This season I'll be updating the conditions page in the evening for the following day, with any corrections or changes being added in the morning after the groomers are done. Director's Diary posts will continue to provide a  narrative version of how the skiing is and what events, sales, or promotions we're offering. 

Happy snow day,