A great start, with more to come

The valley looks gorgeous with the 3-4 inches we received overnight. We'll be packing some trails on the Tripoli side today. This snow is very light and fluffy, which makes it very easy to push through to rocks and dirt hiding underneath. For that reason, we won't be opening any trails today. If you're desperate to get out, take your rock skis out to the training area or golf course where a little grass poking through won't hurt anything. 

The storm on Tuesday is looking promising with today's snow creating a nice base. Hopefully we will be able to open a few trails by Wednesday or Thursday. 

Fat bikes are available for rent today, but there are still some slick spots out there being covered by the new snow so use caution. As we begin to open trails to skiing, remember that some trails will become closed to fat bikes. 

It's also a great time to bust out the snowshoes and avoid walking on the trails with bare boots. Snowshoeing is great exercise and you're helping pack the trails for a great season of skiing!

The shop will be closed for Monday and Tuesday, but with the coming snow we will open up with our regular hours (8:30 am - 4 pm) starting Wednesday and move into regular operations 7-days a week!