Good Morning,

Granular: loose, frozen. That's what it is up here. We are ungroomed again this morning as we need a little more time for snow to drain before getting on it with a machine.

This morning it will be a little crusty, so take out those metal edge or wider touring ski. By the afternoon, things will have softened up more.

We fared pretty well with this warm storm, picking up 4-5" of snow before some warmer moisture came through. It was super gusty up here early on and certain trails are furry with sticks. We started cleaning them yesterday afternoon, but the day will be all about getting on every trail. There are limbs and a few trees down, so use care if you get there before us!

We have snow in the forecast so we want to get as much cleared off as possible, so throw a stick or two if you're in the mood (otherwise, it's kinda a fun obstacle course to ski around them).

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See you up here,