Good Morning,

No need to layer up, we will spring skiing for yet another day. It's already above freezing and will stay about the same temp all day (maybe actually cooling off a few degrees through the morning).

Today conditions are mixed. On the North End, all trails on the Livermore side are Cat groomed. On the Tripoli/Osceola side, Tripoli is the only freshly groomed trail. All others are open, track is good, and skate lanes will be soft and a bit messy. On the South End, we will be grooming core trails with the snowmobile this morning. All other open trails down here will be soft and skiing yesterdays ski.

Snow is loose granular and transformed. Coverage is still good, though trails with waterbars will be getting thin and intersections may be a bit dirty. 

Fun, slow skiing : )

Today's tough waxing conditions make it another good day to check out the skin skis--we have models from from Salomon, Atomic and Fischer. Some are available to try in our demos.

Conditions too warm and soft for fat biking, save it for another day.

See you up here,


Notes and Events;

Mid-Winter Sale is going on now. All Salomon Skate boots, classic skis and select Swix clothing are on sale from 20-35% off.