And a Little Bit More

Not a lot of snow out of this storm, but a couple inches yesterday and a dusting to 2 inches over night.

This means a couple things, namely, all groomed trails will have some level of coverage over the groom. It also means thougt not deep new powder, the snow is working in very nicely and skiing yesterday was superb--expect the same today. Blue Extra kick, mild-warm temps (keep the F4 handy, it will probably be a bit sticky again as the day warms up.

All open North End trails were groomed last night and we'll be out on the South End again today.

I still would recommend classic skiing over skating as trails haven't firmed up much (Go North if you have to skate).

Snowshoeing will be great--especially on "Closed" trails.

And, its too soft for fat biking. Over the weekend fat biking should be ok in the mornings, but please watch the depth of the tire tracks in the snow. General guidelines state if you sink more than an inch, the ruts will be unsafe for skiing.

See you up here,