And, the word is:

Snow!! Anyone sensing a trend? The one that those of us who love winter (and to ski) like to say? Snow, snowing, snow!

Yes, the snow is headed our way. Light to begin, but it's still looking like we'll get a good bit of accumulation.

This morning we're grooming the North End and first we'll continue a day groom through the to give you all something to ski other than powder. Once the snow really starts to fall we'll let it be until the wee hours tomorrow morning. The machine will then be out all day and night until we're caught up--it may take a couple days.

Fat biking is a no-go today, but a great winter for it. After the next couple days of snow, things will firm up again any you can get out!

Here's to our favorite winter thing!

See you up here,


Notes & Events:

Have a good Holiday! Season Pass Holders, please join us this Friday on 12/30 from 5pm-7pm for our Pass Holder Party. Refreshments, entertainment and a raffle are planned, so don't miss it. Our Swix Wax Tech will be here for the wax clinic at 6:00