Holiday Week Outlook

Good Morning,

It's nice to to do outlooks--give us an idea of what we see coming weather-wise, what we hope to make of it and then you can plan/imagine how you will ski or ride it.

So, we have some cold temps, some warm temps, perhaps some mixed precip, probably a decent amount of snow and conditions will be all over the place! I like the snow coming in mid-week, let's get all the predictions are saying!

This morning is a chilly one--skating will be good and classic track will likely be pretty fast until that snowfall, try a skin skis before you put on klister this season (I know, I know, not everyone loves them, but for most of us their pros outweigh their cons.

All open trails are Cat groomed for skate and classic except for Lower Snows which is snowmobile groomed. Please use care on Lower Snows, it has some slick areas that will smooth out when we get the cat on it.

Fat biking will be good until the snow gets wet tonight and soft on the warm Tuesday afternoon. It's really best to wait until cooler temps and until any storm passes through, otherwise the impact on trails is high and it's just a ton of work. Our bikes are ready to get out there. 

Selection of gear is good, but already moving fast. Pass holders, take advantage of your pass discount and for the rest of you, don't forget. Full ski packages are 20% off and we have a handful of closeouts on gear and clothing that just might work for anyone!

See you up here,


Notes & Events:

Have a good Holiday! Season Pass Holders, please join us this Friday on 12/30 from 5pm-7pm for our Pass Holder Party. Refreshments, entertainment and a raffle are planned, so don't miss it. Our Swix Wax Tech will be here for the wax clinic at 6:00