A Little Snow

That's right, it's winter and we're expecting a little snow to fall throughout the day!  Yesterday was a classic blue-bird, blue-wax day. Trails were firm and fun. Now we get a little powder on top, no complaints, right?

Come out and enjoy some skiing in a snow globe. We'll be out snowmobile grooming some during the day, but with the warmer temps, we won't have the big machine out during the day.

There's plenty of beautiful track to follow out there and as the snow accumulates, classic skiing will definitely be the way to go.

I'll continue with my shameless plugs (you all know this is because I really like gear and think everyone else does too): Today is another fine day to out the skin skis--just think, waxable feel with no klister needed...ever!

And though it's too soft for fat biking today, it will be good by the weekend. Fat biking is making its way into the lives of many winter-athlete's, so try it and see if you get hooked too. We have rentals and bikes for sale from $550 (only one left at that price, still!!! make it yours if you ride a 18" frame). We're ordering up custom builds from Framed Bikes from between $900-$2000, plenty of fun to be had and we're here to help.

See you up here,


Notes & Events:

Have a good Holiday! Season Pass Holders, please join us on 12/30 from 5pm-7pm for our Pass Holder Party. Refreshments, entertainment and a raffle are planned, so don't miss it. Our Swix Wax Tech will be here for the wax clinic at 6:00