See What We Can See or Silly Weather Continued...

Good Morning,

Its quite a chilly one after yesterday's rain and melt.

The good news is that there's still lots of white stuff on our trails. The less-good-news is that it's a bit of a mess out on the trails as we wait for them to freeze and dry before we do any grooming.

Trails are open, but use care and leave your skate skis or racing classics at home. It's a good day to break out those touring skis and ski the tracks that skiers put in yesterday. Snow will be crunchy and bumpy.

We'll be out most of the day, seeing what we can do to get them back in to fun skiing shape. More on that to follow--I'll post an update once we get some grooming going later in the day.

The Cat was able to groom Lower Osceola to Jct 33 and Tripoli, Connector, Greeley Path, Livermore and Upper Snows. All are double tracked for classic skiing (except for a few narrow sections which have single track. Hurrah!

See you up here,



Notes & Events:

We have clothing and gear to get you set for all the extra skiing you can do this season, come in and do yourself a favor--new gear is fun, especially if your old gear is tired!

View our events on the google calendar, and on the resort event calendar. Please also use mobile app to get condition updates on our our trails.

And for all the new and returning pass holders, please join us at the end of the month for our Season Pass Holder Party, Friday 12/30 from 5pm-7pm. Refreshments, entertainment and a raffle are planned, so don't miss it. Our Swix Wax Tech will be here for the wax clinic at 6:00.