Good Morning,

It was a blue bird day yesterday and absolutely beautiful on the trails (very soft, but beautiful).

The fun news of today is that Swan's Way is OPEN and the tunnel is loaded, so ski to the North End! The trail is on the narrow side, but coverage is great.

Today we'll continue to snowmobile groom and pack in anticipation of cold weather and some more snow hopefully this weekend. All trails groomed have a bit of snow on them from the snowfall that came overnight. Also, as the groom was in the afternoon, they were freshly skied.

All trails are groomed for skate, with no machine set tracks. As soon as the cat is on the trails, expect good track. As the conditions have been so soft, classic tracks have been skied out on the sides and left from the last cat groom where possible.

See you up here,


Notes & Events:

We have clothing and gear to get you set for all the extra skiing you can do this season, come in and do yourself a favor--new gear is fun, especially if your old gear is tired!

View our events on the google calendar, and on the resort event calendar. Please also use TrailHub.org mobile app to get condition updates on our our trails.

And for all the new and returning pass holders, please join us at the end of the month for our Season Pass Holder Party, Friday 12/30 from 5pm-7pm. Refreshments, entertainment and a raffle are planned, so don't miss it. Our Swix Wax Tech will be here for the wax clinic at 6:00.