The Rev Tour

Sadie's Blog #1

My name is Sadie D’Agostino, and I am a 12 year old passionate athlete.  My ultimate goal is to go to the Olympics for snowboarding. I am a town resident of Waterville Valley and a student at the Waterville Valley Academy. I am excited to share so many great things about my home Mountain and town. My journey to get here has been long but as Martin Luther King Jr. said “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Are you familiar with the unknown magic of Waterville Valley Resort? This town is one of those places where everyone knows everyone. Every neighbor is a friend, and every friend is family. We are a town where people put down their phones and enjoy the outdoors, a town where the farthest destination is 2 miles away from you at any point, and if you want to you can ride the shush bus.

I hope you come to enjoy the magical place I speak of…The whole World is already here this week. Young athletes from the United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and Great Britain will ascend upon The Exhibition Park. The 2017 Toyota Revolution Tour Slope Style competition is January 8th thru the 13th.

When we go to big snowboarding events we all love to watch big tricks off of awesomely gigantic jumps or sick tricks on long rails, but how did these amazing setups and features get here? The Parks Crew! When reading about snowboarding events, yeah, sure you can read about the coaches or athletes, how tricks are performed… But how did the actual courses come to be? Today I interviewed Justin Lapchak, also known as Juice, the Terrain Parks Supervisor.

Sadie: What exactly does your job include?

Juice: Staffing, park design and welding.

Sadie: What are your hopes for 2017?

Juice: For people to really enjoy Stillness – a whole new park area, a medium park for all ages. I'm really excited for it and that all the parks are enjoyed by the riders. We see a lot of posts on WVParks Instagram and we are so pumped people are enjoying our Parks.

Sadie: What are your hopes for the Rev Tour?

Juice: I really hope everyone will have a good experience! The whole World is here, all the coolest athletes will be riding in our Parks… The Rev Tour adds to Waterville Valley’s history of hosting big and electrifying events, and we are pretty sure we will continue this tradition.

Sadie: Was the Park set up your design or the Rev Tour’s?

Juice: It really was my design and the Park Crew all agreed on it. The Rev Tour had conditions, like his and her jumps and his and her rails, so we had to adjust.

I hope you enjoyed this story. I will soon be doing interviews with teammates that are competing in the Rev Tour competition.