Are You Suffering From Winter Withdrawal? [VIDEO]

Are you, or someone you love, suffering from Winter Withdrawal? Symptoms include avoiding mowing the lush, green lawn, cursing at chirping birds, and attempting to ski that last tiny patch of snow like it's a powder day.

Do you know someone who refuses to admit that it is basically summer already? Yeah... we do too.  

[WARNING: Do not attempt to approach skiers in the wild suffering from winter withdrawal. Our videographer is a professional with years of experience tracking and safely recording the summer skier in its natural habitat. Penguin slides can be extremely dangerous and should not be attempted at home.]

We know that was hard to watch. Here are a few simple steps that might help you beat your end-of-season blues:

Step 1: Get Closure

Finding closure begins with acknowledging the absolutely rad and epic winter we just experienced. Ski Magazine's Best Resorts of 2018 poll is the perfect outlet for your rants, raves, and reflections. Or rail on Transworld's Park Poll 2018.  Either way you could win brand new skis and boards! What better way to help you transition to step 2...

Step 2: Look Ahead

Looking to the future is key but focusing on the long summer standing between you and your next powder day could send anyone into a downward spiral. Break things down into manageable goals. You'll feel like you're moving forward and it will make the time pass faster. Start by taking advantage of season pass sales now. Grab your White Mountain Superpass before May 31st to save $100 and have access to four of New Hampshire's leading resorts next season. Saving a few extra bucks and checking something off your to-do list is definitely a win, which you could probably use right about now.

Step 3: Find Distractions

Blasting the a/c, trolling ski forums, and developing a mild case of heliophobia is not a long-term solution this summer and your friends and family are getting worried. Instead, try healthier distractions. You don't have to say goodbye to your favorite mountain as soon as the snow melts. Our summer is stocked with plenty of food, brews, music, and more to ease the pain, keep you on the slopes, and stay in shape in your off season. You can even help with next season prep! Join like-minded skiers and riders for Community Clean-Up Day & Pig Roast on June 3rd. 

Step 4: Help a Friend

Know somebody that might be suffering from Winter Withdrawal? Try broaching the subject gently and from the safety of your computer or device by sharing this article.


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