Waterville Valley's Funny Snow Facts

Let's be honest...We post a lot of pictures from the beautiful Waterville Valley Resort. But how about the fact that some people don't think in pictures, they think in numbers. Let's talk about interesting and funny snow facts today. Let's talk numbers! 

Under Ideal Conditions 

(No sublimation, no wind loss,100% conversion of water to snow) 3 gals of water will make one cubic foot of snow with a density of approximately 25 lb./cu. ft.  Snow of this density is firm but you would not be able to make a snowball out of it. That means that 130,000 gals of water would convert to one acre foot of snow. That’s one acre one foot deep, or roughly an area the size of a football field one foot deep in snow.

Under Actual Conditions 

We use a figure of approximately 160,000 gals of water for an acre ft of snow. This accounts for wind loss, sublimation ( tiny particles of water going from a liquid state directly to a vapor and thus never turning into snow), and less then 100% conversion. If you assume 160,000 gals ofwater to get 1 ac.ft. of snow on the ground our water use and snow production look something like this in an ideal 24 hr. period.

 Pump capacity = 3000 gals/min =180,000 gals/hr.

 = 4,320,000 gals/day divided by 160,000 gals/acft.

 = 27 acre feet of snow every 24 hrs.

27 acre feet of snow is 27 football fields one foot deep or one football field 27 feet deep.

How much water is 4,320,000 gals of water?

Assume your toilet takes 1 gal of water to flush.

You have 2 toilets.

That’s 2 gals to flush both of them.

If you flush them both 15 times a day that’s 15 flushes X 2 gals = 30 gals a day.

 4,320,000 gals divided by 30 gals/day = 144,000 days of flushing.

144,000 days divided by 365 = 394.5 years.

You could flush 2 toilets 15 times a day everyday for 394.5 years with the amount of water we use in 24 hours. (Remember though, that’s under ideal conditions say 0 degrees and only a very slight breeze blowing)

How much laundry could you do with that same amount of water?

Assume your washing machine uses 20 gals per load.

You do three loads a day (You either have very clean clothes or a very big family).

20 gals a load X 3 loads a day = 60 gals / day.

4,320,000 divided by 60 gpd = 72,000 days.

72,000 days divided by 365 = 197.25 yrs.

That’s 3 loads a day every single day for almost 197.25 yrs and by then you’ll be sick of doing laundry!

You like soda?

That’s 99.9% water. How much soda could you make with the amount of water we use to make snow with over the course of 24 hrs. under ideal conditions?

4,320,000 gals X 128 oz. In a gal = 552,960,000 oz. ofwater.

552,960,000 oz. / 12 oz. (1 can) = 46,080,000 12 oz cans of soda.

46,080,000 / 24 (cans/case) = 1,920,000 cases of soda.

If you and your friends drank 2 cases of soda a day.

1,920,000 cases / 2 =960,000 days.

 960,000/365 = 2630.

You and your friends could drink 2 cases of soda every day for the next 2630 years , but by then you’d be going to the bathroom a whole lot more and flushing the toilet a whole lot more and it would probably run out of water in 35 years instead of 78.9 years. Oh well!!!

In any case it really is quit a bit of water.

How much air do we use to make snow?

Approximately16,000 cubic feet per minute at 100 psi.

That’s the amount of air that is in a room that’s 28’ X 28’ and 11’ high.

Every minute that amount of air is compressed to 100 psi and sent up the hill through pipes to the guns and mixed with the water to make snow.

How many balloons could you blow up with that much air? We Have to make some assumptions here. Let’s say a large birthday balloon takes about 1 cubic foot ofspace. Since we are compressing the air when we blow into a balloon ( that’s why your cheeks puff up ) it probably takes about 4 cubic feet of air to fill one balloon. So...

16,000 / 4 = 4000

That’s 4000 birthday balloons every minute. If you gave one to each kid at your party you’dneed a bigger house. We use that much air every minute to make snow.

Now let's get outside and play in the snow!