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Waterville Valley New Hampshire Skiing and SnowboardingWaterville Valley New Hampshire Skiing and Snowboarding

Terrain Parks

WV TFL Park on Leroys Loop

This is a great introduction to freestyle terrain, with gentle landings and plenty of elbowroom to move about. The WV TFL Park provides a laid-back, non-intimidating environment for riders of all ages who want to develop their terrain park skills.
As always Start small and work your way up!

Rock Island Park

If you’re looking to jump to the next level you should be in here. Small jumps and smaller ride on jib features for skiers and riders looking to move up from the WVPP. We are all about the progression of features to help the progression of park skiers and riders.
Make a plan! Every feature, every time!

Psyched Park

If you’re an experienced park rider, this is the place to be. Psyched Park will have a mix of street style and gap-on rail and box features with a mix of hips, table top jumps and step down jumps to get you going. Also it’s the start of a great top to bottom park run.
Always look! Before you drop.

Higher Ground Park

New for this season is the Higher Ground park. We’ve taking in the dirt work on the old half pipe trail, re-graded the slope, giving us a fifth park this season. We are planning to add a Medium size banked slalom/boarder/skier cross run as the park set up for the year.
Respect! the features and other users.

Exhibition Park

This is our premier large park for skiers and riders. We have been awarded with being a top 5 parks on the east coast for 5 years running. This is where guys like Pat Moore and Colby West cut their teeth. With over 30 jibs, triple jump lines and a park dedicated lift, you can’t find a better training facility in New Hampshire.
Take it easy! Know your limits. Land on your feet.