Park Details



Jib, jive, and high-five your way down an interactive terrain park!  The Rock Island Fun Run is now Open!  It currently features 12 rollers, a mild jump, a larger bank turn, then a smaller roller that leads into a series of 5 banked turns and lastly two large rollers.  There is more to come so stay tuned and jump on the Valley Run Quad to play on Rock Island!


Terrain Focused Learning

Terrain Focused Learning features are designed to maximize fun, boost confidence and get you on the slopes faster. Look on the Trail Map for the TFL logo to start progressing!


Stillness **ALL NEW**

We are extremely excited to be putting our new medium park on Stillness! The park will be long, winding, and full of top-of-the-line jib features to get creative.  Check out the build video in our Park Report for more about our first skate-style park!



Unlimited. Park. Laps.

Our premier large park.  Tons of jibs, jump lines, and a park-dedicated poma lift.