Green Peak Trail Name Contest

The new Green Peak is born! Now is the time to give these new Trails some remarkable, significant names! We can’t do it without you. We encourage all of our Waterville Valley Resort family and friends to participate in the Green Peak Trail Name Contest.


Contest starts November 25th

Submission deadline February 10th

The New Green Peak Trail Names will be announced February 25th

How it works

Email us your name ideas and the stories behind them. In your email, please include:

  • Name idea
  • Trail number (Green - 51, 52; Blue - 53, 57, 58, 59; Black - 54, 55, 56, 60). Check the map below.
  • Creative description of your idea
  • Some information about yourself

Please send in all entries to


Bobby’s Run

Named for Bobby Kennedy, who was a friend of Tom Corcoran.  Bob Kennedy was a good skier who spent his last skiing holiday in Waterville Valley before he embarked on his presidential quest in 1968 that cost him his life in California.  Subsequent to his death, his widow, Ethel Kennedy, and their family, customarily spent the Washington’s Birthday school vacation skiing in Waterville Valley.

Siegel Street

Named for Ed Siegel, the ski area’s first marketing director.  Ed skied very well with a wooden leg, but did injure himself in a fall on the run that bears his name.

Leroy’s Loop

Named for Leroy Sawyer, a kindly, wizened local farmer from Thornton, who was a much beloved lift attendant at Waterville Valley who gave special attention to the skiing needs of kids and beginning skiers.

Terry’s Trail

Named for Terry Christiansen, who was Waterville Valley’s first chief snowmaker.  He had a wonderful uplifting personality that made everyone around him smile and feel good.  Terry was killed in a tragic accident on Snow’s Mountain when the tractor he was driving tipped over while mowing hay on a steep slope.

Palmer’s Way

Named after Dick Palmer, a popular ski patroller at Waterville Valley for many years, starting out on the Snow’s Mountain ski area when it had two t-bars and a rope tow.


Pronounced GAY MA, this is the traditional chant used by world class ski racers from the European alpine nations to cheer on their teammates.  GEMA, GEMA, GEMA!  It translates roughly to “go for it,” “get your butt in gear,” “kick ass,” etc.