With warm overnight temperatures we'll be keeping the cat off the trails to avoid making a mess. We will be out in the morning to smooth out the skate lanes with the snowmobile. Watch for a little slickness first thing, but it should disappear quickly. Keep your eyes open for wet spots by the afternoon. So far we're holding up pretty well against this warmth. The morning will definitely be the firmer portion of the day for skaters. 

Enjoy another sunny day!




We'll let things firm back up this evening before heading out early Tuesday morning to hit the South End first, then knock off as much of the North End as we can before things get too soft, likely the Livermore side first. Watch for spots of slickness tomorrow morning as any yet to be groomed trails may have a glaze on them. The skiing Monday was excellent, even with some sticky snow sections. I expect another great day tomorrow. Call in sick, leave the kids some pizza money and head up for a long ski!

Don't forget to throw on sunscreen or pick some up at the desk.



Monday madness

The North End will be groomed out tonight and the South End will be hit tomorrow morning. While we didn't get quite as much snow as we hoped, we do now have a fresh new surface that should help us weather this week of above freezing daytime temperatures. We'll be taking a look at a few South End trails to see if we have enough new depth to cover up some thin spots and reopen a few more trails. Stay tuned on that front. 

Enjoy your week of well-deserved vacation New Hampshire!



I know it's dangerous to speak about snow before it falls, but tomorrow looks pretty promising for a few inches of fresh goodness. The cat will head out around 5 a.m. to groom the North End and then come South via Swan's to smooth out Saturday's heavy traffic. Once there's some accumulation we'll hit a few trails in the South with the sled as well. It should be a really fun day of skiing!



The Best 40KM in the State

The trails are white and the skiing is great! There are a few slick spots out there still, especially in the tunnels so use care. Overall we continue to have great conditions. There is an interesting mix of snow/sleet headed in tonight so expect to see a layer of something on most trails in the morning. We're going to be making some last minute calls on any grooming based on what falls from the skies, but the warm temps expected by mid-morning should soften up any interesting lumps and bumps out there. 

So pack the family into the car, put on some sunscreen and come have the time of your life. 

"A pair of skis are the ultimate transformation to freedom" - Warren Miller






The cat will be out on the North End this evening expanding the number of groomed trails for tomorrow. Early in the morning on Friday we'll creep South via Swan's Way and work on some terrain in the South End. Outer South End trails will remain closed, but with some shoveling we may be able to reopen some of it for the weekend. 

The tunnel on Village Trail has closed signs on both sides for right now. Down the very center there is still a little coverage of ice that is passable, so choose your own destiny on that front. We'll try to work on it during the day on Friday. 

Here's to three more months of winter!


Winter returns

Morning Update: It was just firm enough this morning to get the cat out on the North End. Lower Osceola to Bob's Lookout is now groomed with more to come. 

Thursday morning we'll head out on the snowmobiles to smooth out the trails and assess what needs some work. Please use caution out there as a glaze is likely to form overnight. We'll need at least 24 hours for the trails to dry out before we can get the cat out, likely early Thursday morning. That will give the trails a chance to firm back up. The snowmobiles should be able to keep things ski-able in the meantime. The trails marked as open are the most likely to be dry by morning and the places we'll head first to work on. 

Don't forget about the Kris Freeman Skate Clinic on March 11th @ 10 a.m. It's a great chance to learn from an Olympian and take your skate skiing to the next level.

Think snow!