Heat and more heat

Wednesday's high is predicted to get close to 60 degrees. So break out your shorts, put on your sunscreen and have a blast out there. Expect the snow to be pretty soft by the afternoon. 

Use caution in the tunnel on Village Trail and watch for a few spots of thin cover to start poking through in the South End. 

For all my fat bike enthusiasts, Wednesday will be a day to stay off the trails or risk doing some serious damage to our post-thaw recovery efforts. 

We've added another Kris Freeman Advanced Skate Clinic for March 11th @ 10a.m. Call 603-236-4666 to register. 

Enjoy the day! It's still better than not skiing.



Back to the good stuff

Pardon the interruption, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. After an unexpected issue with the cat and a day of snowmobile grooming we are now back on and in track. 

The cat started on the North End in the late afternoon today and the South End will be cleaned up tomorrow morning. The new snow should be nicely incorporated by opening bell on Monday morning. 

I hope everyone enjoys a great day of skiing.



Update for Sunday morning:  The majority of trails are now snowmobile groomed. No set track today due to a mechanical issue, but excellent classic conditions with 5" of new snow out there

Thanks for everyone's patience and understanding on Saturday with the day grooming. It just wasn't physically possible to accomplish a groom on the entire system after having to wait for things to freeze back up after days of warm weather. Our goal every day is to give everyone the most and best possible skiing so sometimes there's a little less, but with higher quality. The groom came out really well and should really set things up for great skiing on Sunday.

We're expecting somewhere between 1-3 inches of snow Saturday night. We'll be out grooming on the snowmobiles early in the morning and will work through most of the system by mid-morning. 

Continue to watch for isolated spots of thin cover out there. Especially on Sloppy Joes and the high side of the hairpin turn on Drakes Brook. 

Ski like no one's watching,


Splendorous Saturday

Update: Pipeline, Lower & Upper Osceola, Moose Run, Wicked Easy all done. Swan's Way, Inner Mad River, Village Trail have one pass. Cat is working in the South End currently.

Snow was falling as I left the valley Friday night, and while no accumulation is expected it certainly was good to see.The quick decline of temperatures on Friday night will allow us to get out early on Saturday morning to start grooming. The cat will begin on the North End on the Tripoli/Osceola side and then head South via Swan's Way. A few spots in the South End are starting to show thin cover. Take care on Sloppy Joes especially near Junction 8 and on the hairpin on Drakes Brook. There may be an icy/wet spot on Swan's Way as well. 

After finishing up in the South, Brice will head back North and spend his remaining time on the Livermore side. A few trails may have to be skipped since it will be slow going breaking up the freshly frozen trail. The likely candidates are Lower Snows, Swazeytown, Beanbender, and Cascade Brook to Jnct 29. Just take a peek as you pass any of these, it should be pretty obvious where the groomer has been. Expect slick and variable conditions on ungroomed trails. 

There will be increased traffic on the trails during the next week so remember to take a look around the corners before attempting to set any speed records. 



Friday night deep freeze

There won't be any new grooming on Friday, but warm conditions will continue to make the surface very pliable. The tracks from the previous groom are still very much intact and the trails are still in good shape considering the warmth. 

Friday night the temperatures are expected to drop rapidly and we will be able to get out and refresh the surface for Saturday. I'm predicting an excellent weekend of skiing, with a chance of some accumulation Saturday night into Sunday morning. 

Use caution on the hairpin tomorrow as the snow has been pushed around by skiers. 

Overall enjoy yourself and find some peace out in the woods. 




We'll be skiing the previous groom on Thursday with the temperature expected to climb pretty quickly above freezing. It should be another great day of skiing. Our coverage continues to be excellent with a great base underneath a nicely tilled up surface. Don't forget Thursday is 2 for 1 trail passes. Grab a friend or 10 and head up for some sunshine and fresh air. 



Hump day

The conditions will continue to be spectacular on Wednesday. We will be doing a partial groom since the majority of trails didn't see a ton of traffic Tuesday. Lower Osceola to Upper Osceola in the North End and Swans Way, Pond Loop, Snows Brook, and Figure Three in the South End will be freshly groomed on Wednesday morning. With some warm temperatures predicted by afternoon the less grooming we do the more depth we'll have to work with once things cool back off. 

Enjoy another gorgeous day in paradise!