Coverage is great!

I just finished a couple laps in the South End and the skiing is phenomenal right now. Tomorrow we're going to be skiing the same groom on the Livermore side, but we'll get out and smooth out skate lanes with the snowmobile on the Tripoli side of the North End. The South End got a buzz mid-day today and we may touch it up a little tomorrow morning as well. The less work we do with the snow right now the more we'll get out of it with the temperatures rising a little this weekend. Our base is pretty spectacular with solid coverage on just about every open trail. There's a chance we may be able to reopen some closed trails by the weekend with the help of the new snow, but we'll know more after tomorrow.

Below is a shot from Livermore this morning, just to give everyone an idea of how gorgeous things are up here right now. 

Don't forget about the Fischer Demo on 1/19 @ 10 a.m. and the Nordic Kids program starting at 9 a.m. 

See you up here,



Thursday Updates

New snow has brought some much needed softness to the trails. We picked up 2-3 inches of fluffy goodness, with some additional snow falling overnight Wednesday. The South End and the Tripoli side of the North End were done during the day on Wednesday so they will have a layer of fresh snow on top of the groom. The Livermore side of the North End was groomed Wednesday evening and will have a dusting as well. There are still a few spots of thin cover out there, so use care. Moose Run, Village Trail, and Swan's Way all have short sections of ice being caused by water still running under the trail. Hopefully the new snow sticks nicely and softens them right up. 

Please respect the closed trail markers as this new snow may mask some major obstacles out there that could be a recipe for disaster. 

Don't forget about the Fischer Demo Day schedule for this Saturday starting at 10 a.m. This is a great chance to try out the skis you've been eyeing.



Snow is in the air

Tomorrow we'll groom the trails currently open in the South End and then Tripoli Road by mid-morning. Today's groom should hold up well on the rest of the North End. With snow expected by afternoon things should really soften up with some nice fresh powder added to our firm base. Continue to use caution on most trails for debris and a few spots of thin cover, especially Moose Run and Upper Snows. Hopefully we'll be able to open a few more trails back up on Wednesday or Thursday with a couple inches of new snow. 

Make sure to check out the events page to keep up with what we have planned for the rest of the season. Next up is the Fischer Demo Day on January 20th starting at 10 a.m. This is a great opportunity to try before you buy. 




We lived to ski another day

Today the sunshine was out and the snow wasn't perfect, but skiing was surprisingly good. Tonight we'll be grooming everything we can and it should come out a little softer after a second till. There's still some debris out there so just watch for spots that might slow you down suddenly. 

We're going to attempt to come down Swan's with the Cat and open some South End terrain. Most of the outer trails in the South will likely remain closed for the time being.

Don't forget the Kris Freeman Skate Clinic is still on for tomorrow at 10 a.m. There are still spots left so come on out and ski with an Olympian. We'll be meeting at the Adventure Center and then deciding where to ski based on how the groom comes out. 

Below is a shot of my girlfriend Jamie enjoying some great glide on Livermore. Tomorrow should be another gorgeous day with some sunshine and slightly warmer temps.




Sunday Updates

Further Update: The main trails on the Livermore side have now been groomed, including Upper Snows. This side seems to have come through the rain a little better, but continue to use caution on all trails. 

Tripoli Road and Lower Osceola to Bob's Lookout are now groomed. Please use caution today as the groom is a bit bumpy and there are spots of thin cover and slickness on all trails. There are several areas with water running across or down the trail so use caution there. 

We will try grooming the first section of Livermore Road (parking lot to Jnct 46) and Greeley Path next. That will be the best bet for beginners today.

Please evaluate conditions carefully today as you make choices on where to ski. Any trail marked as closed on the conditions page can be expected to be extremely icy. 

Conditions should improve for Monday after another round of grooming. 

Be safe,


Better than expected

The trails are in remarkable shape considering we just had a day and a half of heavy rain. Most of the outer South End trails will be closed until we get some fresh snow, but the core trails held up nicely. The North End worked it's magic once again and survived with quite a bit of depth in most places. 

Early Sunday morning the Cat will be out working on core trails in the North. We'll start with Tripoli Road and part of Lower Osceola and then assess which additional trails are firm enough to be groomed. We will likely be grooming into the mid-morning so please make way for the groomer if you cross paths.

Swan's Way and the Golf Course are both closed so we won't be able to Cat groom in the South End until we get one or both of them open. We're going to try some snowmobile grooming in the South and should be able to make some impact on the surface after a few passes to try to reduce the slickness of the trails. 


-Kris Freeman Skate Clinic rescheduled from Sunday to Monday 1/15 @ 10 a.m. call to register 





Wild and crazy weather

Tonight will be much too warm and wet to groom, expect a soft ski tomorrow morning. We'll be out evaluating trails to see how things held up. I've left a few trails marked as open which are likely to be the most skiable tomorrow (fewest puddles). The temperatures are slated to drop in the afternoon so areas of slickness could develop.

The Nordic Kids Program is still on for tomorrow morning and it should be a fun slosh-around. 

The Women's Clinic for tomorrow is canceled, but there's another one scheduled for February 10th.

The Kris Freeman Advanced Skate Clinic has been rescheduled to Monday @ 10 a.m. There are still slots available, call 603-236-4666 to sign up.

See you tomorrow!