Colder yet

Tomorrow will be frigid, but luckily it's easy to stay warm on cross-country skis. So pack a thermos of tea or cocoa and cover up as much skin as possible. We'll keep the fire roaring all day to make sure you can do a lap and then come in to defrost. 

Apologies for anyone who attempted to ski Cascade Brook today only to find a rope across it. There was a miscommunication and it was not quite ready to open up. We will be trying it again shortly with the cold temperatures helping to slow down any running water. Hopefully it will open to Jnct 29 (the deer yard) soon. 

For Wednesday, the whole system will get a groom and things should firm up nicely. Do watch for the wind drifts that might form across the trail. The wind blown snow tends to be slow and can pose a challenge when moving at speed.




Ice arena adjacent.jpg

Polar plunge

Tomorrow should be a touch chilly but gorgeous skiing. We are now cat grooming all open trails and setting track just about everywhere. We picked up around a foot of new snow on Christmas Day and there may be a bit of wind drift Tuesday. The North End will be done overnight and the cat should reach the South End via Swan's Way around 7 a.m. to finish things up by mid-morning. We'll be out packing some more trails and might be able to open a few more KM in the next few days. 

Don't forget:

-Swix, Salomon, and Atomic Demo  Thursday 12/28 starting at 9 a.m. (Wax Clinic @ 2 pm)


-Season Passholder Party Friday 12/29 from 5:30 pm- 7:30 pm




Just what we asked for

Snow should start overnight and make tomorrow a gorgeous day of skiing for anyone capable of shaking off the post-holiday feast coma. The cat will be out in the morning grooming the main North End trails before attempting to head South via Swan's Way (new snow accumulation dependent). With heavy snow expected, don't be surprised to see a good bit of accumulation even on recently groomed trails. Classic skiing is definitely the best way to enjoy the new powder. For all you skate fanatics don't panic, the sub-zero temps expected later this week should mean firm skiing once we pack down the powder.

Don't forget about the awesome events coming up this week:

-Swix, Salomon, and Atomic Demo  Thursday 12/28 starting at 9 a.m. 

-Season Passholder Party Friday 12/29 from 5:30 pm- 7:30 pm

Happy holidays everyone,


Rain, Rain go away

Saturday had some great classic skiing for the few brave souls that were willing to be soaked to the bone. Sunday is looking much nicer and the trails should hold up fine after a little liquid infusion. The groomer will be out on the North End to smooth out the trails. The South End will get a buzz with the snowmobile and hopefully a little track set if the depth allows. We're going to wait as long as possible for things to dry out so watch for grooming machinery that may still be finishing up the trails after the opening bell.

Stop by tomorrow if you need any last minute stocking stuffers. Everyone could always use a little wax or a new hat. If someone in your house has been really nice this year you could surprise them with a new pair of skis. Any full package purchase (skis, boots, poles) receives a 20% off discount from us. 

Enjoy the festivities,



Morning Updates

There's a little snow on top of the North End groom, we weren't able to go back out this morning with the high moisture content and quickly rising temps. Leaving a little snow will help us avoid an ice sheet tomorrow when it freezes back up. Pond Loop and the teaching area have been hit this morning and are the most skate worthy areas but still extremely soft. So if you're heading out today grab your classic skis and some F4 and have a blast. 


it just keeps snowing

We've already picked up 5-6" and it's still coming down strong. The forecast for tomorrow keeps improving by the hour, with mostly mixed precipitation expected at this point. So expect some soft skiing tomorrow. The North End now has enough snow for us to safely take the big PistenBully out. Groomers have already been roving around today to help pack some of this new snow. Tomorrow morning the North End will get a full groom. South End trails are still little thin for the big machine so they will be snowmobile groomed for a little while longer. 

We're also packing some more trails in the South but we will likely wait until after tomorrow's weird weather to open them up to skiing.

Overall it's shaping up to be another excellent ski season. More snow is already predicted for Christmas Day. Put the family in the car and head on up.

Happy Holidays,


Let it snow

We cleaned up the South End, including Swan's Way late in the day on Thursday so it should set up nice for Friday. Tomorrow we'll be out early in the North End to provide some nice grooming before the snow really gets going and covers it up! The groomer will come down and hit Pipeline and some of Lower Osceola before heading over to the Livermore side. 

By the afternoon most trails will hopefully have a few inches of fresh powder to play in!

Lessons will be limited on Saturday due to the inclement weather. 

With snow coming in tomorrow, fat bike conditions will be poor. Trails will likely be closed to bikes through the weekend. The cold weather predicted next week should help firm things up and allow a few trails to open back up for biking. Please check in with us before heading out to help protect the trails. 



From last Wednesday's Silver Streak program with beloved leader Gigi

Moose Run 2.jpg

Back to winter

After a brief interruption we're headed back to more winter-like temperatures tomorrow. All North End trails were smoothed out today and new track was set. Trails should be skiing much faster and firmer tomorrow. We kept off the South End and Swan's Way today with the snow being so soft, so we'll try tomorrow morning to get a groom in if the snow has firmed up enough. The North End will definitely be the better skiing for Thursday.

We're looking forward to some potential snow on Friday. We are hoping to be able to start grooming with the PistenBully by the weekend if conditions allow. Colder temperatures and some new snow should allow us to provide great holiday skiing!

See you up here,