Saturday means skiing

We're going to have ourselves one heck of a weekend of skiing. Conditions are pristine out there right now. The cat will be doing the full North End this evening, including Cascade Brook all the way through! 

There's even more excitement to be had on the South End. The cat will groom the majority of the open trails and the snowmobile will clean up a few of the tighter ones. Jennings Peak is now open with a snowmobile groom only so expect pretty soft conditions. Middle Fletchers is also good to go but may have a little fresh on it as we let it set up. Upper Criterion from Jnct 52 to the Golf Course is also open, but is very soft and a little uneven after the first groom via snowmobile. 

In general, I would recommend classic skiing or planning to double poll on the newly opened trails noted above. Everything else should be really well set up for skate or classic. 

2018/19 season passes are now on sale at a great early season rate. New passholders ski the rest of this season for free!

We have some limited rental skis and boots for sale this weekend, mostly classic gear. 

There are still some great deals to be had on clothes, boots, skis, and so much more!

Winter is back and better than ever!

See you out there,



Friday you will find a fresh groom on the Tripoli side of the North End. Everything else will be skiing on the groom from Thursday's day groom. We'll also be running around a little on the sled cleaning up some skate lanes and prepping a few more trails for the weekend. Middle Fletchers is now open, watch for soft spots. 

We have been working hard on Jennings and the cold coming in this weekend should help us out. Please stay off of it until we officially drop the ropes, even if you see grooming on the other side. One skier or snowshoer could collapse the snow bridges we've been shoveling in.

Reminder parents: we will continue to run Nordic Kids through March! So drop your kids off and head out for a ski on Saturday morning.

There are some great deals going on in the shop right now so don't miss out. There will be a few pairs of rental skis and boots for sale as well this weekend. 

Have fun,



Morning Update: We did a regroom on a few North End trails after picking up 3-4" of new snow overnight. Enjoy!

The North End is being groomed Wednesday evening and may have some fresh snow on top by morning. The South End will be groomed Thursday morning. Both sides should be skiing at their best. Watch for a few narrow sections still on the South. 

It just won't stop snowing and it's a good problem to have. We're sitting pretty right now and with the cold weather coming in this weekend it should really allow all this new snow to firm up. Winter is rewarding us for not giving up on skiing through all the funky weather we've had this season. 

This weekend we'll have a few pairs of rental skis out for sale. I would encourage everyone to take a good look at the sale rack first. If you're planning to ski often it's always a good idea to grab some fresh equipment that you can cherish for years to come. 

See you on the snow,



Wednesday morning the cat will head out and work on packing in the new snow. Starting on the North End and likely coming South by mid-morning. With snow expected to continue through most of Wednesday, expect some accumulation on most trails. It should be very obvious where the groomer has and hasn't been. 

Make sure you call in sick for the next couple days and come up for some great skiing. Skaters and fat bikers may want to wait 24-48 hours to let the snow really set up. 

Enjoy it out there folks


Noreaster Bonanza

Morning update: We were expecting to already have some accumulation by this morning so we'll be skiing yesterdays groom until there's enough snow down to warrant sending the cat out. The snow just got going in earnest so it shouldn't be long now. Enjoy

Tuesday morning we'll be out making a few things more skiable in the North End before coming down Swan's to clean up a few trails in the South. March is certainly not letting us down so far. John Deer is now open all the way around, but use caution navigating around a couple of wet spots that will likely eat away some of the snow we pushed over top.

Don't forget to check out the sale items in the shop before or after your ski. If you've been considering pulling the trigger on a gear upgrade, now is a great time to make the move.

Nordic Kids will continue this weekend and as long as conditions hold we'll finish out March.

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Drive safe and ski fast everyone.




The North End is being groomed Sunday evening and should be skiing spectacularly on Monday. The South End will get a partial groom in the morning. HB Highway and Outer Mad River will continue to be snowmobile groomed for the time being. 

With another storm looming we'll be out packing and filling in low spots. Please respect the remaining "trail closed" signs and ropes even if you see marks of grooming on the other side. We're often working with machinery and trying to let snow bridges set up over water crossings. Safety first. 

Stop by this week if you're looking for a great deal on some gear. Select clothing and skis are 25-30% off. Skiing isn't going away anytime soon so treat yourself to some shiny new toys! And don't forget that 2018/19 season passes are now on sale and at a price you can't beat, only $159 for Adult/Teen Passes and $109 for Youth/Senior. New passholders ski the remainder of this season for free!

Happy skiing!


Rinse and repeat

Morning Update: It won't stop snowing! You will find anything from a dusting to an inch or so on some of the North End trails. It continued to snow through the night as we groomed and flakes are still falling as we speak. The South End should be finished up by 9/9:30 a.m. and will have the freshest groom with the least amount of new snow on top. 

Sunday should be just as spectacular if not even more so than Saturday. We'll regroom all open trails after a nice little addition of 1-2 inches of daytime and evening snow. The same warnings apply on Outer Mad River and HB Highway for a little bumpiness and narrow sections. Other than that have fun!



Saturday to end all Saturdays

After a brief visit to the spa for a facial and mani/pedi the cat is now ready to roll out onto the trails and deliver some fantastic conditions for Saturday. We'll start with the North End this evening and then get on the South End in the morning.

As long as the groom comes out okay we'll be reopening Cascade Brook (to Jnct 29), Lower Snows, Swazeytown, and Beanbender in the North End. We will also have additional trails open in the South End. Lower Fletchers, Sloppy Joes, Dry Joes, Drakes Brook (likely Jnct 6 thru Hairpin only) are all back to life with a few narrow sections where water is flowing alongside the trail. For the first time this year, drum roll please, HB Highway and Outer Mad River are open with a snowmobile groom only. Please use caution on both as they are a bit narrow and bumpy. Extra caution at the end of Outer Mad River near Jnct 25, there are a few water potholes that make the trail very narrow for a short section. 

I'm sure there will be some questions about the remaining closed trails. Unfortunately the warm spell we had activated a lot of ground water and ate away the previous snow down to the dirt. It takes time and cold to build a base and with only 48 hours passing after this storm we just don't have much to stand on in the wet spots. We will continue to work at it and see what's possible with some elbow grease after a couple more days.

Don't forget to pick up next year's pass when you visit us this weekend. Adult 18/19 passes are only $159 right now!

Have a great ski!