The New Green Peak Trail Names

This is very exciting. First of all we would like to thank more than 600 people who submitted their Green Peak trail name ideas and the stories behind them. The Marketing Team and Waterville Valley Resort Management staff went through all the suggestions and read every single email and letter. During the final phase we kept or tweaked some of the great suggestions based on the character of the trail and the story behind it.  And now...(drumroll please)...

The New Green Peak Trail Names:

Trail 51: Chandler's Way

Named in honor of Kathy Chandler.

Kathy is in the Waterville Valley Hall of Fame 2016, U.S. Disabled Snow Sports Hall of Fame 2012 (formerly the Disabled Ski Hall of Fame), founder of the first adaptive skiing program at Waterville Valley, founder of Ability Plus, Adaptive Coordinator for PSIA-e (Adaptive Division), PSIA certified examiner for both alpine and adaptive divisions. 

Named by Waterville Valley Adaptive Snowsports Program

Trail 52: Bourbon Street

Named in honor of Keith Sutherland.

Katherine McClellan: "Keith worked at Waterville Valley for many years.  Keith worked his way up to Head of Snow Surfaces and Mountain Manager.  He dedicated many hours to Waterville Valley, and he was part of the planning of Green Peak before retiring.  He was always at the mountain in the morning, checking in to make sure everything was running".

The story goes, he was given 44 bottles of Bourbon when he retired (one for every year he was at Waterville). Keith was one smooth operator.

Named by Waterville Valley Resort Senior Staff and long-time First Chair Joe Robertie

Trail 53: Mean Jean's Ravine

Named in honor of Jean Brosseau

Robert Armet: "Jean has been a loyal, conscious, and dedicated employee for 28+ years".
Emma Lundberg: "Jean comes back every season, time and time again, and is a consistent character that many people both hope and expect to see each ski season".
Kim Kelly:  "Jean has sat on her stool at the cafeteria with all of her jewels for many years, always ready to help regulars and new visitors alike". 

But employees watch out!  She won’t let you get away with anything out of line!  The name "Mean Jean" is very fitting to such a rugged trail. 

Named by over 60 people who nominated Jean Brosseau

Trail 54: Wayne Wong Way

Named in honor of Wayne Wong.

Pamela Turner: "Inspiring to young and old alike, Wayne Wong set the bar for freestyle skiing in the East and, in particular, at Waterville Valley. Elegant and strong, he demonstrated a type of skiing that embraced the poetry of ballet and encompassed the strength of an athlete.  He was a joy to watch, a pleasure to be around, and a mentor to many future and aspiring freestyle skiers.  He brought both class and character to Waterville and is a part of the history of Mount Tecumseh".
Gail Marshalka: "His name was often connected to Waterville in the 70's and I remember seeing him perform his freestyle magic on your slopes". 
Ian Young: "The first ever international freestyle skiing competition was held in Waterville Valley in 1971. The term freestyle was yet to be invented, so the event was named the National Championships of Exhibition Skiing. Wayne Wong was sponsored to enter by his friends. Over the next few years he became the poster boy for this new sport".

At the age of 21, Wong travelled from Vancouver on $200 in sponsorship money to the first World Cup Freestyle event held on Waterville Valley's True Grit. Trail 54 drops off of Trail 51 so everyone should be careful not to go the wrong way - go Wayne Wong's Way!

Named by Ian Young and Gail Marshalka

Trail 55: Clean Shaven

Named in honor of Butch Cushing.  

Antonia Stewart: "Butch has put his heart and soul into making lift operation and Waterville Valley the best it can be.  Butch has been at Waterville Valley for over 33 years.  He has seen trails cut and built, and has provided years upon years of customer service and loyalty.  He previously worked in Ski Patrol where his caring nature shone. From saving lives in ski patrol to making and selling renowned baked potatoes, he always puts the guest first and brings smiles to everyone he meets". 

Butch loved to patrol the slopes as much as he was beloved by guests and staff. Now he is training the next generation of lift attendants to be conscientious, caring, and dedicated to the experience of every skier and rider, even greeting Passholders by name.  He believes that every guest and Waterville Valley Resort as a whole deserves an extremely high level of respect and attention. 

Lift operations value and expectation of excellence goes as far as military grade shaving standards for all lift attendants.  Trail 55 has a very clean fall line all the way down and it is going to be a perfectly grated slope.  In honor of Butch, this trail will be of the highest standards, and definitely Clean Shaven!

Named by Waterville Valley Resort Senior Staff

Trail 56: Pfosi's Pfolly

Named in honor of Paul Pfosi

The original director of the Waterville Valley Snowsports School in 1968, he also ran a lodge in the Valley called Pfosi's Lodge. 

Robert Mann: "A former member of the Swiss National Team, Paul established the early European culture at Waterville Valley Resort".
Don Warnock: "I remember Paul Pfosi greeting us on our arrival at the Lodge, and he and his staff couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating during the entire week. We loved our stay at Pfosi's Lodge and Waterville Valley, and got hooked on skiing, and we've been going back ever since, As time went on, both our sons learned to ski at Waterville Valley, and our oldest son eventually became an instructor and taught at Waterville Valley for more than 8 years. We eventually bought property just outside the valley and continue to ski Waterville every year. I really believe Paul Pfosi's genuine interest in making sure we were having a good time contributed to a great first ski experience for my wife and I and kept us coming back for forty years"

Trail 56 is a trail you can accidentally end up on if you don't pay attention, a Pfolly you may want to make on purpose!

Named by Don Warnock

Trail 57: Governors Run

Named in honor of Governors John H. Sununu and Chris Sununu

The family tradition started here when John H. Sununu was the Governor of New Hampshire (1983 - 1989) and would bring the family to ski every winter.  The trail name ""Governors Run"" was chosen in honor of both the current (2017) New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu who spearheaded the new Green Peak Expansion when he served Waterville Valley as CEO, and his father, former New Hampshire Governor John H. Sununu.

Named by Robert Perreault  

Trail 58: Piano Man

Named in honor of Lenny Emery

Richard and Ellie Scherr: "To Lenny, there was never a bad day of skiing at Waterville Valley.  From the opening day in November to Closing in April, he'd never miss "first chair"- often recording 120+ days of skiing.  If it rained, when asked how it was to Lenny "it was a great day".  When there was bullet proof ice, to Lenny "it was a great day of firm skiing".  Lenny passed away much too soon a few years ago.  He is buried up the hill here in Waterville Valley.  Lenny always had a wonderful sense of humor.  The inscription on his gravestone reads "I'd rather be here than Loon".                                                                                                                  
Margaret Turner: "Lenny was part of the team that built the ski area and ran the Bird's Nest for several years, living in the loft space above. He left us his skier's prayer, which is featured at the entrance to the Schwendi Hut:
When the mountain starts to sparkle
In the dawn's early sun
And you're getting off the chair
For your first powder run
Look out upon my Valley just before you go
And if your voice is truth
And your heart is pure I'll be your snow".
Pk. Conti: "He was a fixture at the Mountain"

Named by Pk. Conti

Trail 59: Calvert's Crossing

Named in honor of Richard "Dick" Calvert

Born on June 11, 1923, and one of the oldest ski racers in New England.  He is also the last of his WWII 10th Mountain Division to continue ski racing.  He has been a member of the Waterville Valley Silver Streaks for over 30 years and continues to bring his lovely wife, Millie, to the mountain weekly to participate in the Silver Streaks.  Dick is a wonderful human being with a joyous heart that brings energy and inspiration to everyone around him.  He reminds us all what to aspire to, at any age.

Named by Waterville Valley Resort Silver Streaks

Trail 60: Ruffled Feathers

Name in honor of William "Bill" Feather

Carol Stewart: "In memory of Bill Feathers, our long time ski patrol leader".
Jennifer Boisvert: "Bill was a professional in every aspect of his position. He spent countless hours both on and off the mountain making it a safe place for guests to enjoy.  His top priority was safety.  He would arrive early in the mornings and make sure all trails and personnel were ready to go for the paying customer".

Bill started vacationing in Waterville Valley in 1986 from New Jersey, and in 1994 sold his business to move to the Valley. Bill was in Ski Patrol for 22 years: Assistant Director 2001-2005; Director 2005-2016; PSPA - for 22 years, and Instructor Trainer for 9 years.  His legacy will live on as his trail sign guides future generations. William H. Feather passed away unexpectedly on December 30th, 2016. 

Named by Jennifer Boisvert and Mrs. Pud Feather

BONUS:  Preston's Path (After Nick & Suzi Preston)

Named in honor of Nick and Suzi Preston.

Dennis Evgenov: “This name is dedicated to the Preston family. Nick was a long time freestyle coach at BBTS at Waterville. He has dedicated his life to the mountain and the Sport. Skiing is his passion, and where ever he might be, Waterville is always him home mountain. He also has seen great success as a coach. He has coached many Olympic hopefuls, and a two time Olympic medalist Hannah Kearney. Here at Waterville they both helped pioneer the sport of freestyle skiing, and it is only logical to name a trail after this dynasty of skiers since Waterville does boast to be the "Birthplace of Freestyle skiing".

The trail under the Northside lift has opened this season for the first time as an official trail.  We have recently enjoyed opening it every chance we can and it has become a natural mogul run.  It's only fitting that the Preston's have a mogul run named after them!  Nick and Suzi Preston together have done so much for not only the sport and youth in Freestyle, but for Waterville Valley Resort in general.

Named by Dennis Evgenov

Thank you for your support and so many interesting stories! We hope to see you soon and invite you to check out the new Green Peak Trails. 

Snowmaking: Quick Facts from Barry St Cyr, Director of Mountain Operations

So far, this Season's Total is 90.5" of fresh, white, tasty, and just beautiful snow. But we want MORE! Our famous Snow Reporter Whitney talked to Barry St Cyr, Director of Mountain Operations, and learned everything about snowmaking at Waterville Valley Resort. If you have more questions just text them in comments below this blog and we will get back to you with the answers.  

What time does your snowmaking crew start working?

There are two shifts, one is midnight to noon and the second is noon to midnight. Much of the work occurs at before and after the mountain is open to the public so the alternating shifts split the work up most evenly, rather day and night shifts.

How many people do you have on your snowmaking crew and how many are on the clock at any given time?

16 total and 8 on each shift.

How many snow guns do you have?

About 1,200 in total, which includes fan, ground, and tower guns.

What % of your mountain has snow making?

100% of Mt. Tecumseh has snowmaking capabilities. At the moment, one trail on Green Peak has a water line for snowmaking, however we are able to actually blow snow on 3 trails, which is almost 1/3 of Green Peak Trails.  We are hoping to install more lines this summer so that Green Peak will have 100% snowmaking next season!

Where do you get your water for the snow?

Our water comes from the Mad River, which feeds Cocoran Pond in the Valley and the Snowmaking Pond up on the mountain.

Is there anything special or new about your snow making capabilities?

The water line on Green Peak is new (along with all of Green Peak) this year! We also have about 9 new sufag Fan Guns this year.  It has been great this year the way the snowmakers have gotten creative to blow snow on Mt. Tecumseh trails in such a way that groomers can manipulate it and transport it for full coverage of our open Green Peak trails and also all the way up to the top of Green Peak!

What is your "mode of operation" when it comes to getting the slopes ready for the first runs of the day?

At the end of the day when the lifts close patrol will clear the whole mountain of guests before the operations crews can begin their work. Snowmakers and groomers will then start working right after the mountain closes for the day, either setting up or adjusting snowmaking equipment or grooming, shaping, or building on trails. Snowmakers and groomers will work through the night and right up until the mountain opens the next morning.  Groomers will work in conjunction with snowmakers to get all trails ready for the next day, whether that means removing all equipment and grooming, getting equipment out of the way of skiers and groomers but leaving snowmaking running during the day, or closing trails for snowmaking and shaping or building parks or Fun Runs. Snowmakers will put down snow in designated areas like lift ramps that groomers will shape in the morning before putting down a final layer of smooth corduroy in the morning before guests hit the slopes. Lift mechanics and operators will then clear and open lifts once all snowmaking equipment is clear of trails and grooming cats are clear of the hill and skiers. Finally, ski patrol will ride all the lifts and clear all open trails before opening the mountain to the public.

We are very proud and thankful to our hardworking snowmaking, grooming, and park crews, lift operators and mechanics, ski patrollers, and the rest of our wonderful staff!


Green Peak Expansion project is overseen by Jerry Pendleton, a professional with 50 years of experience

In preparation for the Green Peak Expansion opening we spoke with Jerry Pendleton, President of SkyTrans Mfg., LLC, the man who built the first lifts at Waterville Valley Resort 50 years ago, and has been overseeing the new Green Peak Lift installation.

Born in Rhode Island in 1938, Jerry moved with his family to New Hampshire when he was 2 years old. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1960 with a degree in Dairy Science, and always thought he would work in the agriculture industry. This changed when Jerry, a married 21-year-old with one child, met O. D. Hopkins Inc. and accepted a job offer to work at Skyfair. Jerry traveled to Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy numerous times while being in the ski lift business, but to this day Waterville Valley Resort remains one of his most cherished destinations.

Today we will share quotes from our interview with Jerry Pendleton, a very professional and kind man with great sense of humor.  

How did you get involved in lift construction?

O. D. Hopkins, Inc. was originally founded by O.D. Hopkins, he lived in Contoocook, NH. I also lived there, worked on the local farm, and that’s how I met him. O.D. Hopkins approached me with a proposal. He wanted me to help him run a very small Company. I was very young at the time – 21 years old. I thought about it and I decided to give it a try. I thought of it as a place where I could advance in the future. I ran several portions of the business. And then he had formed a Company called O.D. Hopkins Incorporated - it was the original Company. 

What were your first projects at Waterville Valley Resort?

Our original work was the Installation of the four original chairlifts which were designed by Walter Stadeli Company from Switzerland. We also Manufactured all of the towers, tower crossarms, numerous other structures and various chair components. We built T-Bar in 1966, and a J-Bar in 1967. While working on these projects, the biggest challenge was that we were under a big deadline just like here with The Green Peak Expansion. It could have been very easily 1967 or 1968, but Tom Corcoran helped us a lot with pushing this project through. O.D. Hopkins and I had a pretty good relationship with Tommy, he enjoyed being around, he was a guy who could get people to do things and make things happen.

How many people did you helpto get to the top of the mountain?

The capacity of the lifts that we installed in the first two years of Waterville Valley Resort existence: each of the original four chairlifts had an hourly capacity of 960 skiers per hour, the Hopkins T-Bar has an hourly capacity of 600 skiers per hour, the Hopkins J-Bar has an hourly capacity of 300 skiers per hour. Today we are riding close to 2 million people per year on the stuff that we constructed and own.

What is the role of SkyTrans Mfg., LLC in the Green Peak Expansion project?

Green Peak Expansion is a very exciting project for us! SkyTrans Mfg., LLC has been involved in every segment of the installation project starting with the site engineering right up to concrete installation. This has included moving and installing all of the equipment, installing all concrete footings, redesigning and rebuilding the electrical controls, splicing the wire rope and the final testing of the lift.

How involved are your sons with the Green Peak Expansion project?

I have five sons. Four of my sons are actively involved in the Green Peak Construction Project. One of them, Matt, is the guy who is building the electrical panels from drawings. My son Dan is a 60% owner of SkyTrans Mfg., LLC. He was here when they took the wire rope off from the World Cup and has managed all the work at our factory. My son Jerry Jr. (the oldest) works in the shop, and my son John is the engineer who has done all the designs and drawings for the Green Peak Lift.  My middle son James works in the zoo in Arizona. I am very proud of my sons continuing what I started 50 years ago.

Who else has been helping you to work on the Green Peak Expansion project?

Our General Manager Rich Combs has been the real leader of this project and has done a fantastic job managing all aspects of this project which is a big job. The names of the SkyTrans Mfg., LLC staff that have been involved in the Green Peak Project are as follows: CEO and President of SkyTrans Mfg., LLC – Jerry Pendleton; General Manager of SkyTrans Mfg., LLC – Rich Combs; Project Manager – Rich Combs; Engineering Manager – John Pendleton; Electrical / Structural Engineer – Carl Beverly; Production Manager of SkyTrans Mfg. LLC – Dan Pendleton; Install crew and Electrical Panel Builder – Matt Pendleton; Equipment Purchase and Parts Department – Jerry Pendleton, Jr.

We are very thankful to Jerry for sharing some great pictures from his archive. Have a look at the construction process at Waterville Valley Resort which was happening 50 years ago! 

Valley Run lift towers

Valley Run lift towers

Lower Meadowds

Lower Meadowds

High Country lift installation

High Country lift installation

White Peaks

White Peaks

Sadie's Blog #1

My name is Sadie D’Agostino, and I am a 12 year old passionate athlete.  My ultimate goal is to go to the Olympics for snowboarding. I am a town resident of Waterville Valley and a student at the Waterville Valley Academy. I am excited to share so many great things about my home Mountain and town. My journey to get here has been long but as Martin Luther King Jr. said “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Are you familiar with the unknown magic of Waterville Valley Resort? This town is one of those places where everyone knows everyone. Every neighbor is a friend, and every friend is family. We are a town where people put down their phones and enjoy the outdoors, a town where the farthest destination is 2 miles away from you at any point, and if you want to you can ride the shush bus.

I hope you come to enjoy the magical place I speak of…The whole World is already here this week. Young athletes from the United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and Great Britain will ascend upon The Exhibition Park. The 2017 Toyota Revolution Tour Slope Style competition is January 8th thru the 13th.

When we go to big snowboarding events we all love to watch big tricks off of awesomely gigantic jumps or sick tricks on long rails, but how did these amazing setups and features get here? The Parks Crew! When reading about snowboarding events, yeah, sure you can read about the coaches or athletes, how tricks are performed… But how did the actual courses come to be? Today I interviewed Justin Lapchak, also known as Juice, the Terrain Parks Supervisor.

Sadie: What exactly does your job include?

Juice: Staffing, park design and welding.

Sadie: What are your hopes for 2017?

Juice: For people to really enjoy Stillness – a whole new park area, a medium park for all ages. I'm really excited for it and that all the parks are enjoyed by the riders. We see a lot of posts on WVParks Instagram and we are so pumped people are enjoying our Parks.

Sadie: What are your hopes for the Rev Tour?

Juice: I really hope everyone will have a good experience! The whole World is here, all the coolest athletes will be riding in our Parks… The Rev Tour adds to Waterville Valley’s history of hosting big and electrifying events, and we are pretty sure we will continue this tradition.

Sadie: Was the Park set up your design or the Rev Tour’s?

Juice: It really was my design and the Park Crew all agreed on it. The Rev Tour had conditions, like his and her jumps and his and her rails, so we had to adjust.

I hope you enjoyed this story. I will soon be doing interviews with teammates that are competing in the Rev Tour competition.

Cross Country Skiing Is Getting Popular...Why should You Try It?

According to Running USA’s statistics, the number of female U.S. runners that finished races from 1990 to 2015 increased from 1,999,200 athletes to 9,755,500 (

Can you imagine that in only 25 years more than 7,000,000 women in the U.S. started running early mornings getting themselves ready for running events…

The same trend can be seen in cross country skiing. Why is it getting so popular and why should you join the cool crowds of new cross country skiers?

Skis were in regular use by Scandinavian farmers, hunters and warriors throughout the Middle Ages. By the 18th century, units of the Swedish Army trained and competed on skis. It’s not a secret that cross country skiing is a great aerobic exercise. The average person burns about 400-500 calories per hour while cross country skiing at a slow pace. Moderate-speed cross country skiing (5-7 mph) burns closer to 500-550 calories per hour. Cross country skiing is a full body workout, and you can start doing it regardless of your current fitness level. It also happens to be a killer glute workout. Just saying.

OK, so you want to try, but how do you get started? You will need boots, poles, and skis with bindings. I recommend renting equipment first to see what you like. Renting cross country equipment is less expensive than alpine. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that stretch but are not too warm as if you were going for a run. One or two thin layers, depending on the temperature, should do it: leggings, light jacket, gloves, hat.

The beauty of cross country skiing is that you are your own boss. You choose your own speed, your own distance, and your own skiing style. It is a very safe sport with very little risk of injury and makes for a wonderful family activity: it’s fun, it’s outside, and it’s in the snow!

Cross country skiing really changes the face of winter for a lot of people and can change winter for you too! Don’t let the snow slow you down! Use this inexpensive opportunity to get outside, exercise, and get healthier this winter!

Waterville Valley Resort is one of the few places in New Hampshire where you can enjoy more than 70km of beautifully groomed cross country trails. The Adventure Center has it all: great professionals, nice equipment, trail suggestions, private/group lessons, and even the opportunity to ski with Olympian Kris Freeman. Stay informed on daily trail conditions and the skier experience with Leah Elliot's Director's Diary before you hit the trails.  Or... check it out when you need to day dream a little while you're stuck in the office. Visit the Adventure Center page for more info.


Waterville Valley's Funny Snow Facts

Let's be honest...We post a lot of pictures from the beautiful Waterville Valley Resort. But how about the fact that some people don't think in pictures, they think in numbers. Let's talk about interesting and funny snow facts today. Let's talk numbers! 

Under Ideal Conditions 

(No sublimation, no wind loss,100% conversion of water to snow) 3 gals of water will make one cubic foot of snow with a density of approximately 25 lb./cu. ft.  Snow of this density is firm but you would not be able to make a snowball out of it. That means that 130,000 gals of water would convert to one acre foot of snow. That’s one acre one foot deep, or roughly an area the size of a football field one foot deep in snow.

Under Actual Conditions 

We use a figure of approximately 160,000 gals of water for an acre ft of snow. This accounts for wind loss, sublimation ( tiny particles of water going from a liquid state directly to a vapor and thus never turning into snow), and less then 100% conversion. If you assume 160,000 gals ofwater to get 1 ac.ft. of snow on the ground our water use and snow production look something like this in an ideal 24 hr. period.

 Pump capacity = 3000 gals/min =180,000 gals/hr.

 = 4,320,000 gals/day divided by 160,000 gals/acft.

 = 27 acre feet of snow every 24 hrs.

27 acre feet of snow is 27 football fields one foot deep or one football field 27 feet deep.

How much water is 4,320,000 gals of water?

Assume your toilet takes 1 gal of water to flush.

You have 2 toilets.

That’s 2 gals to flush both of them.

If you flush them both 15 times a day that’s 15 flushes X 2 gals = 30 gals a day.

 4,320,000 gals divided by 30 gals/day = 144,000 days of flushing.

144,000 days divided by 365 = 394.5 years.

You could flush 2 toilets 15 times a day everyday for 394.5 years with the amount of water we use in 24 hours. (Remember though, that’s under ideal conditions say 0 degrees and only a very slight breeze blowing)

How much laundry could you do with that same amount of water?

Assume your washing machine uses 20 gals per load.

You do three loads a day (You either have very clean clothes or a very big family).

20 gals a load X 3 loads a day = 60 gals / day.

4,320,000 divided by 60 gpd = 72,000 days.

72,000 days divided by 365 = 197.25 yrs.

That’s 3 loads a day every single day for almost 197.25 yrs and by then you’ll be sick of doing laundry!

You like soda?

That’s 99.9% water. How much soda could you make with the amount of water we use to make snow with over the course of 24 hrs. under ideal conditions?

4,320,000 gals X 128 oz. In a gal = 552,960,000 oz. ofwater.

552,960,000 oz. / 12 oz. (1 can) = 46,080,000 12 oz cans of soda.

46,080,000 / 24 (cans/case) = 1,920,000 cases of soda.

If you and your friends drank 2 cases of soda a day.

1,920,000 cases / 2 =960,000 days.

 960,000/365 = 2630.

You and your friends could drink 2 cases of soda every day for the next 2630 years , but by then you’d be going to the bathroom a whole lot more and flushing the toilet a whole lot more and it would probably run out of water in 35 years instead of 78.9 years. Oh well!!!

In any case it really is quit a bit of water.

How much air do we use to make snow?

Approximately16,000 cubic feet per minute at 100 psi.

That’s the amount of air that is in a room that’s 28’ X 28’ and 11’ high.

Every minute that amount of air is compressed to 100 psi and sent up the hill through pipes to the guns and mixed with the water to make snow.

How many balloons could you blow up with that much air? We Have to make some assumptions here. Let’s say a large birthday balloon takes about 1 cubic foot ofspace. Since we are compressing the air when we blow into a balloon ( that’s why your cheeks puff up ) it probably takes about 4 cubic feet of air to fill one balloon. So...

16,000 / 4 = 4000

That’s 4000 birthday balloons every minute. If you gave one to each kid at your party you’dneed a bigger house. We use that much air every minute to make snow.

Now let's get outside and play in the snow! 


Meet Peter Weber, Our Legendary Snowsports Director

Peter Weber (lovingly known as Webbie) is Waterville Valley’s Snowsports Director overseeing the Resort’s ski and snowboard programs, teaching everyone from beginners to experts. 

At the end of November 2016 Webbie received the 2016 Einar Aas Award for Excellence in Snowsports School Management. This award recognizes dynamic leadership and achievement, the highest honor in snowsports schools throughout the country. We are very proud of Peter Weber’s longtime accomplishments!

“What is the secret of my success? Loving what you do. Everybody who works here loves to share the passion of sliding on snow. It isn’t an ego thing. It’s all about getting a great feeling by making somebody ski or snowboard better”.

According to Ski NH Magazine, Waterville Valley Resort is the first favorite for adult ski/snowboard lessons in New Hampshire, a place where people learn and progress, and in the meantime...have a lot of fun!

Expert Advice with Peter Weber

What exactly is an expert skier?

There are many ideals of an expert skier these days — from racers, bump skiers and backcountry skiers — that have different looks. No matter what kind of terrain or snow an expert is on they make it seem easy. Their equipment is an extension of their movements and those movements take them down the hill at a pace they choose.

What’s the best way to become a double black diamond master?

Learn how to make really good short turns where you turn your feet and legs across the hill more than the rest of your body. This will keep you in a strong balanced position and allow you to change directions much quicker. This will also allow you to control your speed better and give you the confidence to explore bigger turns and higher speeds when you are ready.

Is it about breaking the bad habits of proverbial intermediate level old-dog skiers and teaching them new tricks? 

Bad habits can stand in the way of getting better. It’s about instilling more efficient moves that take over and eventually replace the bad. It sounds easy but it takes time, repetition and practice. It’s worth the investment though; good technique will get you through or down anything.

What part of this is athletic prowess and what part is mental?

Both of those are important, plus there is an emotional factor. Fear can take over your physical actions and cloud your mental state. It’s not that experts don’t feel fear, they do, but they accept it in a way that allows them to perform.

Why can’t I just ski with buddies who are better than I am and pick up tips from them?

Well, you certainly can, but pick your buddies carefully. There’s a big difference between a random tip and the words of experience from a trained instructor or coach.

What are some of the toughest hurdles — steeps, moguls, powder, trees, ice, etc.?

It’s the combination of those that can be super tough and that’s what makes skiing so interesting and such a challenge. The conditions always change. So, moguls and powder are certainly challenging, but put a layer of ice on top of them and things become extremely challenging.* 

*This article appears in the January 2014 issue of New Hampshire Magazine

At Least 5 Weekends To Come To Waterville Valley Resort This Winter Season

Wow…What a Season awaits the Waterville Valley Resort Family! This is one of the most exciting and transformative years for the Resort. We have a big list of things, people, events, and achievements to tell you about. It is important not to get lost in the information and dates during this Big Season. For this reason, we encourage you to follow Waterville Valley Resort on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, and read our Blog. The Blog :) 

Today I want you to mark your calendars with 5 weekends you just can’t miss. Come up to make great memories with your family and friends, learn new things, and simply relax…

December 28, 2016

Starry Nights At Sunnyside Timberlodge

Perfect for: Friends, Couples, Food & Fun Lovers

This is something you haven’t done before. Starry Nights offers gourmet dining to an acoustic beat while nestled mountainside around a fire inside the Sunnyside Timberlodge. Imagine…You eat a fancy dinner, listen to great live music, have fun with your friends, and then…ski down the Valley Run trail under the stars with torches in your hands. You will never forget this night. And it makes for a great Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary/Thank you present.

Additional dates for Starry Nights are January 14, 2017 and March 4, 2017.

December 31, 2016

50th Anniversary Event Series: Celebrating the 60s

Perfect for: EVERYBODY!

We will mark the 50th Anniversary of Waterville Valley with special events starting December 31 2016. They are sure to be fun, a little crazy and definitely memorable.

On December 31st we are celebrating the 60s! We've come a long way since our days of leather Cubco boots and wooden Strato Rossi's, but that doesn't mean we can't take a day to remember the early years. Throw on a retro sweater and come celebrate with us in T-Bars. 

Additional celebrations: 70s - January 21, 2017, 80s - February 25, 2017, 90's - March 18, 2017

January 8-13, 2017

The 2017 U.S. Revolution Tour & FIS U19 MEN'S SKI RACE

Perfect for: Extreme Sport Fans, Families with kids, Beginners and Advanced skiers and snowboarders

This event is pretty serious and spectacular! Waterville Valley Resort will be hosting The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s (USSA) Revolution Tour (the Rev Tour). The next generation of Olympic freeskiers and snowboarders competing in slopestyle will descend upon Waterville Valley Resort’s Exhibition Terrain Park for the second stop of the Rev Tour. This season Waterville Valley Resort is honored to be the only destination in New England to host the Rev Tour since 2012. Our Park Team is building a gnarly snow park that Exhibition Park hasn’t seen in a while.  

Also, some of the best men’s ski racers will be crushing Tommy's World Cup trail for 3 days of FIS U19 SKI RACING (Wed. Slalom Racing, Thurs. Giant Slalom Racing, Fri. Giant Slalom Racing).

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January 14, 2017

Kris Freeman Advanced Skate Clinic

Perfect for: Friends, Skiers and Snowboarders looking for different and fun winter activities.

Learn some advanced techniques from 4-time Olympian Kris Freeman. This is probably the best way to discover the seemingly endless Waterville Valley Nordic Trails. Waterville Valley Resort’s Adventure Center is a great place where you can try a lot of interesting winter activities: skate and classic skiing through the White Mountain National Forest, fat biking, and snowshoeing.

March 5-7, 2017

NH Special Olympics

Perfect for: EVERYBODY!

The Special Olympics Winter Games is coming to Waterville Valley Resort again!  Events include Alpine Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snowshoeing. Approximately 300 athletes will compete in alpine and cross country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing.  Let’s give the athletes, families, and volunteers a rousing Waterville Valley welcome!