Sadie's Blog #1

My name is Sadie D’Agostino, and I am a 12 year old passionate athlete.  My ultimate goal is to go to the Olympics for snowboarding. I am a town resident of Waterville Valley and a student at the Waterville Valley Academy. I am excited to share so many great things about my home Mountain and town. My journey to get here has been long but as Martin Luther King Jr. said “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Are you familiar with the unknown magic of Waterville Valley Resort? This town is one of those places where everyone knows everyone. Every neighbor is a friend, and every friend is family. We are a town where people put down their phones and enjoy the outdoors, a town where the farthest destination is 2 miles away from you at any point, and if you want to you can ride the shush bus.

I hope you come to enjoy the magical place I speak of…The whole World is already here this week. Young athletes from the United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and Great Britain will ascend upon The Exhibition Park. The 2017 Toyota Revolution Tour Slope Style competition is January 8th thru the 13th.

When we go to big snowboarding events we all love to watch big tricks off of awesomely gigantic jumps or sick tricks on long rails, but how did these amazing setups and features get here? The Parks Crew! When reading about snowboarding events, yeah, sure you can read about the coaches or athletes, how tricks are performed… But how did the actual courses come to be? Today I interviewed Justin Lapchak, also known as Juice, the Terrain Parks Supervisor.

Sadie: What exactly does your job include?

Juice: Staffing, park design and welding.

Sadie: What are your hopes for 2017?

Juice: For people to really enjoy Stillness – a whole new park area, a medium park for all ages. I'm really excited for it and that all the parks are enjoyed by the riders. We see a lot of posts on WVParks Instagram and we are so pumped people are enjoying our Parks.

Sadie: What are your hopes for the Rev Tour?

Juice: I really hope everyone will have a good experience! The whole World is here, all the coolest athletes will be riding in our Parks… The Rev Tour adds to Waterville Valley’s history of hosting big and electrifying events, and we are pretty sure we will continue this tradition.

Sadie: Was the Park set up your design or the Rev Tour’s?

Juice: It really was my design and the Park Crew all agreed on it. The Rev Tour had conditions, like his and her jumps and his and her rails, so we had to adjust.

I hope you enjoyed this story. I will soon be doing interviews with teammates that are competing in the Rev Tour competition.

Cross Country Skiing Is Getting Popular...Why should You Try It?

According to Running USA’s statistics, the number of female U.S. runners that finished races from 1990 to 2015 increased from 1,999,200 athletes to 9,755,500 (

Can you imagine that in only 25 years more than 7,000,000 women in the U.S. started running early mornings getting themselves ready for running events…

The same trend can be seen in cross country skiing. Why is it getting so popular and why should you join the cool crowds of new cross country skiers?

Skis were in regular use by Scandinavian farmers, hunters and warriors throughout the Middle Ages. By the 18th century, units of the Swedish Army trained and competed on skis. It’s not a secret that cross country skiing is a great aerobic exercise. The average person burns about 400-500 calories per hour while cross country skiing at a slow pace. Moderate-speed cross country skiing (5-7 mph) burns closer to 500-550 calories per hour. Cross country skiing is a full body workout, and you can start doing it regardless of your current fitness level. It also happens to be a killer glute workout. Just saying.

OK, so you want to try, but how do you get started? You will need boots, poles, and skis with bindings. I recommend renting equipment first to see what you like. Renting cross country equipment is less expensive than alpine. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that stretch but are not too warm as if you were going for a run. One or two thin layers, depending on the temperature, should do it: leggings, light jacket, gloves, hat.

The beauty of cross country skiing is that you are your own boss. You choose your own speed, your own distance, and your own skiing style. It is a very safe sport with very little risk of injury and makes for a wonderful family activity: it’s fun, it’s outside, and it’s in the snow!

Cross country skiing really changes the face of winter for a lot of people and can change winter for you too! Don’t let the snow slow you down! Use this inexpensive opportunity to get outside, exercise, and get healthier this winter!

Waterville Valley Resort is one of the few places in New Hampshire where you can enjoy more than 70km of beautifully groomed cross country trails. The Adventure Center has it all: great professionals, nice equipment, trail suggestions, private/group lessons, and even the opportunity to ski with Olympian Kris Freeman. Stay informed on daily trail conditions and the skier experience with Leah Elliot's Director's Diary before you hit the trails.  Or... check it out when you need to day dream a little while you're stuck in the office. Visit the Adventure Center page for more info.


Waterville Valley's Funny Snow Facts

Let's be honest...We post a lot of pictures from the beautiful Waterville Valley Resort. But how about the fact that some people don't think in pictures, they think in numbers. Let's talk about interesting and funny snow facts today. Let's talk numbers! 

Under Ideal Conditions 

(No sublimation, no wind loss,100% conversion of water to snow) 3 gals of water will make one cubic foot of snow with a density of approximately 25 lb./cu. ft.  Snow of this density is firm but you would not be able to make a snowball out of it. That means that 130,000 gals of water would convert to one acre foot of snow. That’s one acre one foot deep, or roughly an area the size of a football field one foot deep in snow.

Under Actual Conditions 

We use a figure of approximately 160,000 gals of water for an acre ft of snow. This accounts for wind loss, sublimation ( tiny particles of water going from a liquid state directly to a vapor and thus never turning into snow), and less then 100% conversion. If you assume 160,000 gals ofwater to get 1 ac.ft. of snow on the ground our water use and snow production look something like this in an ideal 24 hr. period.

 Pump capacity = 3000 gals/min =180,000 gals/hr.

 = 4,320,000 gals/day divided by 160,000 gals/acft.

 = 27 acre feet of snow every 24 hrs.

27 acre feet of snow is 27 football fields one foot deep or one football field 27 feet deep.

How much water is 4,320,000 gals of water?

Assume your toilet takes 1 gal of water to flush.

You have 2 toilets.

That’s 2 gals to flush both of them.

If you flush them both 15 times a day that’s 15 flushes X 2 gals = 30 gals a day.

 4,320,000 gals divided by 30 gals/day = 144,000 days of flushing.

144,000 days divided by 365 = 394.5 years.

You could flush 2 toilets 15 times a day everyday for 394.5 years with the amount of water we use in 24 hours. (Remember though, that’s under ideal conditions say 0 degrees and only a very slight breeze blowing)

How much laundry could you do with that same amount of water?

Assume your washing machine uses 20 gals per load.

You do three loads a day (You either have very clean clothes or a very big family).

20 gals a load X 3 loads a day = 60 gals / day.

4,320,000 divided by 60 gpd = 72,000 days.

72,000 days divided by 365 = 197.25 yrs.

That’s 3 loads a day every single day for almost 197.25 yrs and by then you’ll be sick of doing laundry!

You like soda?

That’s 99.9% water. How much soda could you make with the amount of water we use to make snow with over the course of 24 hrs. under ideal conditions?

4,320,000 gals X 128 oz. In a gal = 552,960,000 oz. ofwater.

552,960,000 oz. / 12 oz. (1 can) = 46,080,000 12 oz cans of soda.

46,080,000 / 24 (cans/case) = 1,920,000 cases of soda.

If you and your friends drank 2 cases of soda a day.

1,920,000 cases / 2 =960,000 days.

 960,000/365 = 2630.

You and your friends could drink 2 cases of soda every day for the next 2630 years , but by then you’d be going to the bathroom a whole lot more and flushing the toilet a whole lot more and it would probably run out of water in 35 years instead of 78.9 years. Oh well!!!

In any case it really is quit a bit of water.

How much air do we use to make snow?

Approximately16,000 cubic feet per minute at 100 psi.

That’s the amount of air that is in a room that’s 28’ X 28’ and 11’ high.

Every minute that amount of air is compressed to 100 psi and sent up the hill through pipes to the guns and mixed with the water to make snow.

How many balloons could you blow up with that much air? We Have to make some assumptions here. Let’s say a large birthday balloon takes about 1 cubic foot ofspace. Since we are compressing the air when we blow into a balloon ( that’s why your cheeks puff up ) it probably takes about 4 cubic feet of air to fill one balloon. So...

16,000 / 4 = 4000

That’s 4000 birthday balloons every minute. If you gave one to each kid at your party you’dneed a bigger house. We use that much air every minute to make snow.

I personally don't have patience for more numbers. I am going out to take some pretty pictures and share it with you. Stay tuned and share our articles!


Meet Peter Weber, Our Legendary Snowsports Director

Peter Weber (lovingly known as Webbie) is Waterville Valley’s Snowsports Director overseeing the Resort’s ski and snowboard programs, teaching everyone from beginners to experts. 

At the end of November 2016 Webbie received the 2016 Einar Aas Award for Excellence in Snowsports School Management. This award recognizes dynamic leadership and achievement, the highest honor in snowsports schools throughout the country. We are very proud of Peter Weber’s longtime accomplishments!

“What is the secret of my success? Loving what you do. Everybody who works here loves to share the passion of sliding on snow. It isn’t an ego thing. It’s all about getting a great feeling by making somebody ski or snowboard better”.

According to Ski NH Magazine, Waterville Valley Resort is the first favorite for adult ski/snowboard lessons in New Hampshire, a place where people learn and progress, and in the meantime...have a lot of fun!

Expert Advice with Peter Weber

What exactly is an expert skier?

There are many ideals of an expert skier these days — from racers, bump skiers and backcountry skiers — that have different looks. No matter what kind of terrain or snow an expert is on they make it seem easy. Their equipment is an extension of their movements and those movements take them down the hill at a pace they choose.

What’s the best way to become a double black diamond master?

Learn how to make really good short turns where you turn your feet and legs across the hill more than the rest of your body. This will keep you in a strong balanced position and allow you to change directions much quicker. This will also allow you to control your speed better and give you the confidence to explore bigger turns and higher speeds when you are ready.

Is it about breaking the bad habits of proverbial intermediate level old-dog skiers and teaching them new tricks? 

Bad habits can stand in the way of getting better. It’s about instilling more efficient moves that take over and eventually replace the bad. It sounds easy but it takes time, repetition and practice. It’s worth the investment though; good technique will get you through or down anything.

What part of this is athletic prowess and what part is mental?

Both of those are important, plus there is an emotional factor. Fear can take over your physical actions and cloud your mental state. It’s not that experts don’t feel fear, they do, but they accept it in a way that allows them to perform.

Why can’t I just ski with buddies who are better than I am and pick up tips from them?

Well, you certainly can, but pick your buddies carefully. There’s a big difference between a random tip and the words of experience from a trained instructor or coach.

What are some of the toughest hurdles — steeps, moguls, powder, trees, ice, etc.?

It’s the combination of those that can be super tough and that’s what makes skiing so interesting and such a challenge. The conditions always change. So, moguls and powder are certainly challenging, but put a layer of ice on top of them and things become extremely challenging.* 

*This article appears in the January 2014 issue of New Hampshire Magazine

At Least 5 Weekends To Come To Waterville Valley Resort This Winter Season

Wow…What a Season awaits the Waterville Valley Resort Family! This is one of the most exciting and transformative years for the Resort. We have a big list of things, people, events, and achievements to tell you about. It is important not to get lost in the information and dates during this Big Season. For this reason, we encourage you to follow Waterville Valley Resort on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, and read our Blog. The Blog :) 

Today I want you to mark your calendars with 5 weekends you just can’t miss. Come up to make great memories with your family and friends, learn new things, and simply relax…

December 28, 2016

Starry Nights At Sunnyside Timberlodge

Perfect for: Friends, Couples, Food & Fun Lovers

This is something you haven’t done before. Starry Nights offers gourmet dining to an acoustic beat while nestled mountainside around a fire inside the Sunnyside Timberlodge. Imagine…You eat a fancy dinner, listen to great live music, have fun with your friends, and then…ski down the Valley Run trail under the stars with torches in your hands. You will never forget this night. And it makes for a great Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary/Thank you present.

Additional dates for Starry Nights are January 14, 2017 and March 4, 2017.

December 31, 2016

50th Anniversary Event Series: Celebrating the 60s

Perfect for: EVERYBODY!

We will mark the 50th Anniversary of Waterville Valley with special events starting December 31 2016. They are sure to be fun, a little crazy and definitely memorable.

On December 31st we are celebrating the 60s! We've come a long way since our days of leather Cubco boots and wooden Strato Rossi's, but that doesn't mean we can't take a day to remember the early years. Throw on a retro sweater and come celebrate with us in T-Bars. 

Additional celebrations: 70s - January 21, 2017, 80s - February 25, 2017, 90's - March 18, 2017

January 8-13, 2017

The 2017 U.S. Revolution Tour & FIS U19 MEN'S SKI RACE

Perfect for: Extreme Sport Fans, Families with kids, Beginners and Advanced skiers and snowboarders

This event is pretty serious and spectacular! Waterville Valley Resort will be hosting The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s (USSA) Revolution Tour (the Rev Tour). The next generation of Olympic freeskiers and snowboarders competing in slopestyle will descend upon Waterville Valley Resort’s Exhibition Terrain Park for the second stop of the Rev Tour. This season Waterville Valley Resort is honored to be the only destination in New England to host the Rev Tour since 2012. Our Park Team is building a gnarly snow park that Exhibition Park hasn’t seen in a while.  

Also, some of the best men’s ski racers will be crushing Tommy's World Cup trail for 3 days of FIS U19 SKI RACING (Wed. Slalom Racing, Thurs. Giant Slalom Racing, Fri. Giant Slalom Racing).

Follow WVPARKS on Instagram for updates

January 14, 2017

Kris Freeman Advanced Skate Clinic

Perfect for: Friends, Skiers and Snowboarders looking for different and fun winter activities.

Learn some advanced techniques from 4-time Olympian Kris Freeman. This is probably the best way to discover the seemingly endless Waterville Valley Nordic Trails. Waterville Valley Resort’s Adventure Center is a great place where you can try a lot of interesting winter activities: skate and classic skiing through the White Mountain National Forest, fat biking, and snowshoeing.

March 5-7, 2017

NH Special Olympics

Perfect for: EVERYBODY!

The Special Olympics Winter Games is coming to Waterville Valley Resort again!  Events include Alpine Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snowshoeing. Approximately 300 athletes will compete in alpine and cross country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing.  Let’s give the athletes, families, and volunteers a rousing Waterville Valley welcome!